Review of dream books - what to dream meat

I'll tell you that I once dreamed of meatraw. Naturally, I was interested in this symbol, as everything that relates to metaphysical reality interests. The fact is that the invisible world exists, which is practically proved not only by mystics, but also by scientists. From the point of view of esoteric sciences, everything that happens in the visible material world has its own causes in the invisible world.

So, if we look into this invisible world, thenwe can understand why certain events happen to us. And this means that with the help of the solution of dreams we can see the future. When I dreamed that I was eating raw meat, I, as always, looked into the dream book. There is raw meat - it means that in the near future the one who sees such a dream is guaranteed the health of the bone apparatus. Bones will be healthy. So says the dream book of Maya.

As always, this booklet gives instructions toactions. After awakening, it will be necessary to light a fire and throw meat into it. When the fire goes out, the meat needs to be eaten. It reminds ancient sacrifices to the gods. But with bones will be complete order.

Dream interpretation of Maya offers not only good valuesuch a symbol, but also unimportant. Why should you dream about meat if you prepare it yourself in a dream? At a minimum, you can experience a strong shock. Worse still, someone close can die. But there is a way out! Just hang out the windows of your home colorful ribbons.

Why to dream meat according to the interpretation of the dream book DeniseLynn? It is briefly reported that meat is a symbol, meaning a certain message for you. Try to penetrate the very essence of your life. Apparently, you need to attach more importance to spiritual self-improvement. Learn to pray, meditate. This occupation does not hurt anyone at all.

Why dream meat that you cut in a dream? Our dear Russian dream book promises quarrels and disagreements. Cooked meat is also not good, but misunderstandings and minor problems. If this meat is dreaming with blood, then the Russian dream book indicates the illness of a person close to you, a relative. I would start praying for them in that case. Prayer has great power.

Let's see another noble dream book by Grishina. So, why dream about meat? In general, if you eat meat, and even human, then maybe you will get some secret, but dangerous knowledge. If a man eats a man's meat in a dream, then if it is not the meat of his loved ones, he will get rich, he will get a lot of money. If it is meat of relatives, then to debauchery. What does not dream!

The same dream book says that if you just seemeat in a dream, then there will be prosperity and happiness in the house. Fry or cook - the situation is dubious and changeable. If you feed someone with meat in a dream, then in real life this person can get sick. Women dream of meat to passionate love.

Why dream meat if it's raw, and you're a woman?Judging by what is written in the new family dream book, moving towards the goal, you will come across amazing phenomena. If not raw, but cooked, then you will have to agree that your goal will reach another person.

Gypsy dream book says that if the product is fried or boiled, then you should stop living your past, and look at the present. Meat rooster - you will be deceived.

Shuvalov's dream book also shows that this symbolhas a negative rather than something good. Health problems may appear in those who dream of raw and juicy meat. The explanation is this: the product is associated with aggression, because it is related to the killing of living beings.

Nevertheless, I finally saved something for yougood. Found a good interpretation in the dream book in French. Pieces of meat with blood - in the heart, happiness will be. You can see the pink meat - God will not hurt health. You will have good health. On this I wish you such a strong health, which promises the last dream book in question. May you enjoy joy and happiness!

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