In a dream, killing a snake does not mean fighting in reality

Do I have to believe in dreams? For me, the question is unequivocal: you have to believe in dreams. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to read dream books.

in a dream killing a snake
First, because the interpretation of sleep dependsfrom the psychology and physiology of a particular person, namely, to whom these dreams are dreamed. Secondly, most of the available dream books were charlatans. Thirdly, even sonnets composed by well-known clairvoyants or psychologists often distort information when they are reprinted. In addition, the dream books compiled "at once for everyone" simply can not be reliable: they do not take into account the personality, occupation, or lifestyle of a person. Do you want examples?

What does it mean if you kill a snake in a dream?

Freud is sure that a snake is a symbol of the penis. Creeping snake, from his point of view, means a dream of sexual intercourse.

to dream of killing a snake
Kiss with snakes is the desire for oral sex. According to Freud, to sex - everything that can only be seen in a dream. To kill a snake is to suppress the desire for same-sex pleasures. He does not take into account the age of the dreamer. Wang, too, without looking back at the age prophesies quite another. She believes that in a dream to kill a snake, it means to be a harbinger of the fact that in the distant future people will finally begin to believe in God, restore all the temples and drive out the devil. There is also Aesop's dream book. To kill a snake in a dream by it means either to get rid of the treacherous traitor, or, on the contrary, to face this betrayal. True, if the eyewitnesses to the killing are loudly yelling frogs, their problems will have to be solved independently. Dream Interviewer. and Above. Winter explains that in a dream killing a snake means an early conflict. But if the snake is not touched, but simply squeezed out the poison from it, then it is possible to prevent intrigues woven against the dreamer. Even more interesting dream interprets New family dream book. I quote: "If you had to kill a snake in a dream, then there are waiting for anxiety and excitement connected with the forthcoming joy." I personally do not understand this interpretation. However, nothing wrong with the fact that each dream book in its own way interprets the same dream. People of believers and impressionable people have the opportunity to choose the most innocuous or most pleasant interpretation. And you can forget about the unpleasant. And honestly, do you often have to kill a snake in a dream? But in fact only often recurring or very bright, practically indistinguishable from reality, are considered prophetic.

And what really?

dream to kill a snake in a dream

In fact, a dream about snakes can mean everythinganything. To children these reptiles can dream after a trip to the zoo or after photographing with a boa constrictor. A girl thrown by her beloved can represent him exactly as a creeping creature. A snake or a person working with poisons, sleep can be an echo of daytime experiences and generally nothing to symbolize. If you have to kill a snake in a dream, it can be to recovery, and to an increase in the disease. In order to learn to read your own prophetic dreams, you need:

  • many years to observe what you see in a dream;
  • to compare dreams with reality;
  • learn to analyze.

This is, indeed, a fascinating process. But he has nothing to do with popular dream books.

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