Kill a person in a dream - why would it

Going to bed in my bed after the last day,we have no idea what we can dream. We can find ourselves in some unusual place, we can go by car, not really knowing how to drive, we can meet some friend who has not been seen for a long time, and we can even kill a person in a dream. This is the dream we'll talk about in this article.

There are quite a lot of interpretations. But, as a rule, if you were able to kill a person in a dream, in reality this is unlikely to happen again. But still, most of the transcripts say that something is not going very well.

Let's consider variants of interpretations

kill a man in a dream

If the murder is shot, it could mean thatthe situation of any of your cases will deteriorate in the near future or you can be dragged into an unfavorable situation for you. And as a result your reputation will suffer. Perhaps you will witness the death of someone.

Some dream books interpret such a dream as a sign that one should become more patient and not rush things in his life.

More specific interpretations:

  • Kill a person in a dream (a stranger) - your old fears will leave you, and calmness will come to life. Still interpreted as a harbinger of a dispute with someone very important.
  • To kill a person from among relatives and friends in a dream is a quarrel with the one you killed.
  • To kill an innocent and defenseless person is a failure in business / money problems.
  • Kill your enemy in a dream - success in business is coming.
  • To see the murder - people can be harmed by your fault, and you or someone you know is in danger.
  • To see the killer next to the victim is to be a failure.
  • To be in anticipation of a blow from the killer or to see his blow - you will face a hard test / difficulty in the affairs.
    kill people in a dream
  • Mass murder - you have hidden negative emotions towards people.
  • Kill animals in a dream - soon the loss of property is possible.
  • Kill the cattle in the slaughterhouse - participate in dark / dirty deeds.
  • Killing game on the hunt is a success in business.
  • Long struggle for their lives and then kill a person in a dream - the successful resolution of problems and getting rid of trouble.
  • To see how a certain person or animal is killed is hatred for this person or animal in real life.
  • If you were killed - to joyful events. There is another option - against you weave intrigues.
  • If you commit an attempt - to trouble. But if you successfully hide - avoid them.
  • To see the dead - to illness, ill health.
  • If you dreamed of suicide - an accident is possible through your own fault.
  • Murder by suffocation is an emotional trauma.
  • Killing with a knife or the like. - resolution of cases with enemies.
  • Murder using a pistol or the like. - gossip about you can go.

kill a man in a dream

There are interpretations from a psychological point of view. They often say that a person killed in a dream can personify the part of your personality that you want to change, or those character traits and habits that you really want to get rid of.

Suicide, committed in a dream - to think about self-perception and your thoughts.

Dreams about murders are interpreted and in sexualcontext. If, for example, you kill your sexual partner with a knife, it means that you want him more and if you choke him, it's worth adding something new, not so familiar, to an intimate relationship.

As you can see, if you have to kill people indream, most likely, it is a sign to the fact that in your life something is not quite smooth. We need to be more attentive to current events and surrounding people. And also pay attention to your internal state.

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