Magic and psychological dream book: school, dreams about school

Almost every one of us will say that he has at least once dreamed about school. If you are still studying there, it's likely that dreams about school do not mean anything.

school dream book
This is just a sign that the brain processes the information accumulated for the day.

Dreamers disagree about what appearsschool in a dream. In some books it is stated that the school symbolizes literary work and writing talents. In other dream books, two contradictory interpretations are given at once - either you will face trials or success. You can also find opinions that when you see a school in a dream, you will meet your old love, get a promotion or new life lessons.

In general, in the interpretation of dreams there are two approaches - psychological and magical.

Psychological interpretation of dreams

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Psychology deals with internal images andexperiences. Turning to psychological interpretations, you will have to make up your own dream book. A school in a dream for you will not mean the same as for any other person.

Of course, to connect dreams about school with some kind oflife lessons would be logical. Perhaps you are dreaming not so much of a school as a certain subject, teacher or passing exams. If you have unpleasant memories of studying, the school will symbolize the fight against psychological complexes.

Let us explain one more thing aboutcontradictory interpretations, which can give the same dream book. The school can dream a younger or older. Because the memories and emotions associated with different years of schooling are different, the meaning of sleep will also differ.

Magical interpretation of dreams

Magic dream books, which are the mostcommon and easier to work, give the same interpretation of sleep for different people. Perhaps, regarding the truthfulness of the dream, it will be necessary to amend the lunar or solar calendar. But if you rely on magical interpretations, the dream book should always be the same. One that gives more and more interpretive interpretations.

For example, if you dreamed of a school, a dream bookMiller advises instead of humanitarian studies to pay attention to something more practical. This advice proves to be reasonable, and next time you will again apply only to Miller's dream book. So you strengthen the ties with the subtle world and increase the likelihood that dreams interpreted by this dream book will come true.

school in a dream
Let us imagine another case. Wrong your favorite dream book. School I dreamed because someone decided on youto laugh (Old French interpretation). Perhaps in your life a new period has come, and it's time for you to turn to new magical sources of knowledge. Or maybe you just need to refer this case to coincidences, if the interpretation of subsequent dreams for a new source does not come true.

But even if you trust a magical approach,yet one should not consider each of his dreams prophetic. Not all images are worthy of trying to dream. The school can also dream to you after a parent meeting, or as a symbol of a public place, rather than an educational institution. Trust your intuition, for it is necessary both for the followers of psychology and for the worshipers of magic.

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