Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio. Compatibility with other signs, the prospects of amorous unions

According to the astrological horoscope, the signThe Scorpio zodiac determines the uneasy and deep character of a person. Such people are distinguished by uncompromising in everything, that's why some signs absolutely do not fit them. When building relationships, it is important to know which direction to channel your energy in order to form a lasting alliance. The following information is designed to help.

sign of the zodiac scorpion compatibility with other signs

Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio. Compatibility with other signs. Aries Partner

This zodiacal combination causespassionate alliance. Partners are in constant confrontation, and this state does not stop even in bed. As a rule, such relationships are not strong. Everything can collapse in a moment because of the intense sense of jealousy of Scorpio.

Scorpio and Taurus

These people, despite the difference of characters,surprisingly well get along with each other. Relationships save the stability and loyalty of Taurus. He readily makes concessions, which Scorpio likes very much. It is noteworthy that both partners appreciate these relations and are ready to overcome life's difficulties together.

Scorpio and Gemini

A truly crazy alliance. The jealous Scorpio is in great tension because of the inconstancy and frivolity of Gemini. A lifetime contest is unlikely to deceive anyone.

zodiac signs suitable for scorpion

Scorpio and Cancer

Describing the signs of the Zodiac, suitable Scorpio, inFirst of all they mention Cancer. He will become for his partner an excellent assistant and advisor. Cancer always supports the beginnings of Scorpio, not daring him to contradict. This provides an almost ideal relationship. Cancer delight Scorpio's business abilities, which determine the financial independence of the couple.

Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio. Compatibility with other signs. Partner-Leo

Not the most successful combination. The situation is not saved even by the fact that Scorpio is so passionately passionate about the bright and flirtatious Lion. As a rule, the union destroys the clearly expressed leadership qualities of both signs and their desire to dominate the partner.

Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio. Compatibility with other signs. Partner-Virgo

Such a pair quickly decays. Neither Scorpio nor Virgo is able to understand and accept the partner's needs, mainly in the intimate sphere.

Scorpio and Libra

The gap in such a pair is inevitable. This is due to diametrically opposed views on any life situation. In addition, Scorpio will be outraged by Libes' complaisance, accepting her as a weakness of character.

horoscope zodiac sign scorpion

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Quite a calm union. Small quarrels will never lead to a big scandal. An important role is played by Sagittarius's ability to support Scorpio in any situation.

Scorpio and Capricorn

It is noteworthy that Capricorn will not hear from Scorpio any reproach in his address. The absence of conflicts will ensure a calm and strong relationship that can not be influenced from outside.

Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio. Compatibility with other signs. Partner-Aquarius

Partners in this union have a strong attraction for each other. They have many similarities, among them loyalty, activity, fearlessness.

Scorpio and Pisces

Good combination. Scorpio respects Pisces for their ability to be in the right place at the right time and always correctly understand the interlocutor. This pair is closed to outsiders. Everything that happens to them is too personal. Partners solve their problems together, without the help of others.

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