Why black cats are dreaming - it's easy to guess

Probably, if you ask any person whyBlack cat is dreamed, then the answer is unambiguous. We all know that in the real world such a symbol does not apply to good signs. Could it be that this dream is treated differently? Let's look into the dream books and find out the answer.

what does black cat dream about

Perhaps your reputation is wanted to blacken

Sonnik Miller reports that if you see in a dreamblack cat, then you should take a closer look at the people around you. It seems that not all of them wish you well, but someone even wants to "put a shadow on the fence" in an attempt to slander your good name. Having driven this creature in a dream, you can avoid many troubles in reality. The same source on the question of what black cats are dreaming about, answers like this: "Someone will be screaming at your property and trying to take possession of it." This is not about force deprivation, but about cunning, insidious intrigues.

to dream a black cat

It's not good if the black cats dreamed loudlymeowing and / or squealing. It is also not good - to be scratched in the dream by the claws of this animal. Thanks to the efforts of ill-wishers, a profitable deal can break off. Almost the same broadcasts the Muslim Dream Book. Why are black cats dreaming of a dreamer? To bodily ills and troubles. It is noteworthy that the authors of the dream books do not favor the symbol in question irrespective of color.

Trouble, treason, robbery

What does black cats see in interpretation?A French dream book? Unfortunately, its authors are also not pleased with its authors. We are warned about female betrayal, betrayal of close friends and even robbery. The latter interpretation refers to those dreams in which cats are fighting.

Do not caress cats in a dream

black cats had a dream

From Sonnik Grishina you can find out that anycats in a dream do not foretell anything good to us. Even if she goes to meet the dreamer, then you will meet an evil, insincere person. Running cat warns about the same thing. Caress this animal in their dreams - to face distrust, doubts in real life. About tears and treason in connection with this sign is written in the Old Russian and Persian dream books.

Send a small thief to prison

The compilers of the Indian dream book are sure thatthe symbol warns of the possibility of minor losses due to theft. But the dreamer, who beats a cat or even kills in a dream, wakes up in time to catch a thief and bring him to justice. A person who has received the skin of this animal in a dream will return everything that was stolen from him. This applies to those who dreamed that they ate cat meat. The family dream book confirms that this symbol indicates the presence of enemies. It is specified that this is an unkind woman.

There is no thin without good - a new period in the life of a dreamer

what does black cat dream about

However, the Family Dream Book contains somerefinements. What are the black cats that murch and flatter to you? This is a sign of the onset of a new life period. He will be peaceful and calm. It is interesting that the Modern Dream Book interprets sleep with cats as a sign of a profitable transaction. The fact that the kittens in a dream brings a profit in reality, says the dream of the XXI century. And we wish you prosperity and good dreams!

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