What does it mean if a girl got married in a dream?

Dreams a girl such a dream: the zealous preparation for the upcoming wedding, the hassle, the choice of dress ... This means: when there is a wedding in real life, the young lady is so nervous that, in fact, the process of marriage is badly remembered, passing by consciousness.

Married in a dream
If a girl is married in a dream and observes herselfat the wedding table, then this dream is not very good, as it means luck in all the things that are only possible, except for love. If you dream a wedding, arranged contrary to the desire of the mother and father and the family as a whole, then you will have to face a disease that will lead to severe mental exhaustion and will deprive any forces.

If a girl sees how her girlfriend married insleep over the one with whom she met before - this dream warns that there are friends in the environment who are not really what they say they are, and they are hiding something.

A sad wedding dreams that in the futureFamily life does not work out as successfully as we would like. Merry - to the fact that in real life the girl will become a real ideal for her beloved and will be unique for him.

Getting married dream book
If the girl sees that she married in a dream andwent on a honeymoon - this is a sign that harmony will soon come in intimate life. If she sees herself as a witness at a wedding, then she should prepare for possible changes in her personal life, and they will be only good. Does the sleeper act as a toastmaster at someone's wedding? So, it is necessary to wait while with entertainment and finish the hard work, because then for a long time will not be able to implement their plans.

You can only see a wedding dress in a dream. To marry then - then in life will have to participate in pleasant activities. If the mistress of sleep prevented the wedding - it means that in reality someone is ill to her and wants all evil with evil.

In a dream to marry - Miller's dream book says thatif in life and there are some troubles that will prevent a calm and measured life, then thanks to the concentration and grasp will be able to quickly deal with them. If a girl witnessed a secret wedding, then this is a bad sign. Perhaps, there are rumors about it, based on a truthful fact. If a young woman offered to be engaged to a girl in a dream, and she agreed, then in life she will soon rise to a new level, which will earn respect.

If she dreams that she married a second time in a dream, then this is a signal of danger. And she will need to resist, applying all her self-control and courage.

To dream of getting married
In a dream the girl sees her wedding, howevernotices that her parents do not like it. This dream is an omen that the engagement, which will take place in the future or is already planned, by parents (or relatives) will not be approved. A dream in which her faithful is engaged to another, does not bode well. This is a harbinger of empty groundless fears, as well as unnecessary suffering. A dream in which a woman sees herself as already married is an omen of sad events. And the last: if she sees at her wedding a person dressed in mourning - it means that her life together with someone will be unhappy.

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