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The Trinity is the greatest holiday of allOrthodox Christians, who falls on the 50th day after the Passover of Christ. A day commemorates the memory of the descent of the Holy Spirit to the apostles and is dedicated to the glorification of the Holy Trinity. This is a twelve-day holiday in the Orthodox calendar. In this article we will learn how to celebrate the Trinity today, and also remember how our ancestors once did in Russia.

how to celebrate a trinity
In general, this holiday was celebrated from IVcentury! It was then in the Council of Constantinople that the dogma of the Trinity was finally confirmed: monotheism was proclaimed - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Do you know how to celebrate the Trinity? No? Now we will tell you!

Great holiday

Previously, the Trinity had to passin the fresh air - in the forest, in nature. The so-called folk festivals were held. It is worth noting that they were very noisy. Let's find out how this day was celebrated in Ancient Russia, and how it is celebrated now - in Russia!

how they celebrate the trinity in Russia
How to celebrate the Trinity in Russia

Before the Trinity

It is interesting that in the very last week beforethis bright holiday - on Thursday - in Russia it was customary to cook certain dishes and treats: pies, kurniki, flat cakes, eggs. In addition, people cooked different soups from poultry. After Mass, it was necessary to go to the forest, taking all the yummy with them. People were located under the trees, and drank beer, eating their pastries. The young generation was engaged in fortune-telling on that day.

In addition, in Russia Trinity walks wereare directly connected with wedding customs and rites, in particular, young people chose their second half. Then the couples stopped at the branchy birch which they liked, and began to weave wreaths, trying not to break the branches from the tree.

On holiday

Folk festivities that began before the holiday,continued to the Trinity ... People also held a feast in the countryside, and the young guys who once chose a couple and wreathed wreaths again went to that forest, but not to join the festivities, but to develop these wreaths back. At the same time, every couple who found her earlier wreath was able to judge about this or that future:

  • if the wreath withered - do not wait for good;
  • remained green and fresh - happiness is coming.

Mandatory custom

Already in Russia on the Trinity among Orthodox Christiansit was customary to decorate their homes and temples with flowers and twigs of birch! What for? Any person who knows how to celebrate the Trinity, you will immediately respond that flowers and greens are symbols of life! This is how Christians expressed and continue to express to the Lord gratitude and joy for the fact that He was able to revive them through baptism into a new life!

how they celebrated the trinity in Russia
How to celebrate the Trinity in Russia

Folklore says that the people of Trinity Weekis called green Christmas. In principle, people who know and remember how to celebrate the Trinity, try to preserve the traditions of their ancestors and organize folk festivals. They bake loaves, invite guests, give them wreaths woven from herbs. Trinity is a truly beautiful holiday! Of course, to this day the custom to decorate the Temples and houses with flowers, twigs or grass has been preserved.

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