What is the Orthodox holiday on August 31? Church holidays on August 31

In Orthodoxy there are special days that differsolemnity and are dedicated to the celebration of sacred events. The main dates of the liturgical circle are familiar to every believer, however, not everyone knows which Orthodox holiday is celebrated on August 31.

Honoring Flora and the Lavra

Veterinarian's Day first began to be celebrated inOrthodoxy four years ago with the blessing of the church. The initiative was shown by a group of scientists from the Agricultural Academy of Sciences. Patriarch Kirill was sent a petition with a proposal to set a day for the memory of the great martyrs of Laurus and Frol as a holiday of veterinarians. The head of the church signed a decree, noting that this Orthodox holiday (August 31) can be celebrated for all Christians.

Orthodox holiday on August 31

A bit of history

Brothers Laurus and Frol were born in Byzantium in IIcentury. After growing up, they moved to Illyria (this is the territory of the former Yugoslavia). By prayers, they were able to heal the son of a powerful priest who later accepted the Christian faith. Hearing about this, the ruler of the country sentenced the brothers to execution. Through the centuries, the relics of the martyrs were found and moved to Constantinople.

In Russia the saints were perceived as patronsany livestock. According to the well-known legend, which could be preserved in the Novgorod land, on the day when imperishable relics were opened, the mortality of animals ceased. In the Balkans, it was believed that Archangel Michael taught Flora and Laurus to manage horses, even on images, they are depicted surrounded by horses.

The tradition of distinguishing heavenly patronsrepresentatives of various professions appeared among Christians in the 1st century AD. e. Now the defender has people whose work is to save and treat animals (Orthodox Veterinarian Day - August 31).

Veneration of John Rylsky

what an August 31 Orthodox holiday

Venerable John was a Bulgarian and lived in the tenth century. Encountering the death of his parents in his youth, he gave all the property to the poor, took monastic vows and settled on uninhabited mountains. Later, he was driven out of there by robbers, after which he retired to the desert and began to live in a hollow. There he remained up to sixty years, eating plants and roots, not seeing people.

Once the monk's solitude was disturbed by the shepherds,and people were drawn to him for healing. Thus, the monastery was laid, where John was abbot until a very old age. After the death of the elder, they were transferred to Sofia, and now they are resting in the town of Tarnovo. On the Orthodox holiday on August 31, dedicated to the memory of St. John Rylsky, issues of spiritual enlightenment and faith are touched upon.

Memorial Day of Emilian

church and orthodox holidays on August 31

The PriestMartyr was descended from the noble andpious Armenian family. At this time persecution of Christians was conducted in the country, the young man desired to suffer for Christ and retired from his native home. Once in Spoleto, Emilian led a pious life and was soon elected to the bishops in the city of Trebia. Many pagans, thanks to his influence, accepted the true faith, in which the miracles performed by the martyr helped.

Despite the persecution that took placepagan emperors, Emilian did not renounce God. On the Orthodox holiday of August 31, dedicated to the memory of the saint, believers can pray for strengthening the faith and strength of the spirit, asking the protection of the saint from evil thoughts and dissent.

Veneration of the icon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa"

Image of the Virgin sitting on a throne surrounded byarchangels with an infant on his left hand, is known for a very long time. In the eighth century there already existed a monastery, where such an icon (Pantovasilissa) was. On the walls of the monastery there are fragments of frescoes that could be preserved to our days.

Known icon of the Mother of God "Vsezaritsa", presented to the monastery of Gregory, standing on Athos. The image of the Pantanasse monks was presented by the wife of Saint Stefan of Moldavia, Princess Maria Mangupskaya.

orthodox veterinarian's day on August 31

In Russia, images and lists from them are inmany temples and show true miracles to the believers. So, in 1991, a case was recorded where a girl, sick with oncology, saw light emanating from a paper icon, and the ailment began to recede. In the center where the child was treated, a chapel was built in honor of the miraculous image.

On the Orthodox holiday on August 31, dedicatedIcon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa", numerous divine services are performed, and believers should offer their prayers to the intercessor. Particular diligence should be applied by those people in families who have oncological patients. You can visit the Novospassky Monastery and put candles in front of the images, order a prayer for the health of relatives.

Instead of concluding

On this day it is customary to celebrate not only the churchand Orthodox holidays - August 31 are celebrated and the name day. Mark the Day of the Angel can men and boys, baptized under the names of George, Eugene, Grigory, Michael.

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