Dream Interpretation: What Bees Dream About

As you know, many people have a bee alwayswas a symbol of diligence, zeal, economy and thrift. Hardworking people are even said to "work like a bee." But what if we saw this insect in a dream? In this article, we will try to understand what kind of interpretation of dreams about bees give different popular dream books.

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What the bees dream about: dream book of Miller

This dream book assures that the dreamed beesare the harbingers of successful and profitable transactions. If these hardworking insects dreamed of a leader or commander, then his subordinates at work or service will be very obedient and disciplined. If such a dream was seen by a business man, then he expects success in business and a steady increase in profits. If bees dreamed to parents, then their children will be pleased with their diligence, obedience and good study. If an insect stung you in a dream, then in real life, quarrels or even bereftings are possible. If you are trying to escape from a whole bee swarm during sleep, in the near future you will not have health problems.

What the bees dream about: an esoteric dream book

According to this dream book, a bee in a dream, as inreal life, is a symbol of daily measured hard work. If you dreamed that the insect stung you, then there is a risk of losing your job or making a bargain unfavorable for you. If you dream a whole beehive or even an apiary, then your honest work will bring you joy, satisfaction and stability.

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What bees dream: dream book of Freud

This dream book states that if a girl ora woman dreamed of a bee swarm, then she is destined to meet with a man who will only see her as a partner in sex. A woman will most likely not be satisfied with such a role and will oppress her, that's why such relations will not bring her joy.

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What the bees dream about: dream book XXI centuries

According to this dream book, if in a dream over yourhead bees are twisted, then in real life you are in the near future waiting for success, victory or triumph. If a man dreams that he is the owner of the apiary, then in life he will earn only honest labor, and family life will always be harmonious. If in a dream you see an attack of a bee swarm, then this can serve as a harbinger of the disease. If you dream that you killed a bee, then prepare for the appearance of obstacles and obstacles on your way. A hive with insects is a symbol of success in business and prosperity. If the beehive is empty, then perhaps you will be punished for some act that you did not commit. If you dream of swarming and worrying bees, then failure in the conceived business is threatened. If a young woman is stung by an insect in a dream, it is likely that she will become pregnant in the near future.

What is the dream of a bee: a dream book by Hasse

If you saw a bee in a dream, expect unpleasantnews. Caught a bee symbolizes the establishment of order in their affairs. If you dreamed of an insect bite, you can get unexpected profit. Buzzing at work is a symbol of hopes that will come true in the near future.

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