What do the stars whisper to us about? Astrological compatibility of Lviv and Libra

Compatibility of Lviv and Libra is one of thethe most striking zodiacal coincidences. Partners are destined to live by destiny in the soul to the very old age ... provided some indulgence in relation to each other! About this and talk.

compatibility of lions and weights

Astrological compatibility of Lviv and Libra

It's nice to say: partners are easy to follow along the path of life, they are energetic, cheerful and are a wonderful complement to each other. Their youth will be filled with bright colors, carefree adventures, in old age they will both remember and once again experience wonderful moments. People born under the constellation of Libra are among the few who are able to adequately perceive the royal nature of Leo. The astrological compatibility of Lions and Libra is also successful because they are both easy to climb! They can be noticed everywhere: at an exhibition, at a party, at a picnic, at a sanatorium and so on.

Finance is evil!

The only way that harmoniousthe compatibility of Lviv and Libra can be undermined, this is the financial component of their lives. The fact is that their ideal union depends on the financial base. Therefore, both partners need to try to raise their financial income by an order of magnitude higher.

scales and a love lion

Libra and Libra. Love Forecast

Sex, sex, sex!

Our couple is just gorgeous sexycompatibility! They are very interesting and well together. They sincerely love each other, admire virtues. But all this for the time being. The fact is that the excessive emotionality of partners undermines their marriage. Unfortunately, in most cases, their love and friendly relations can not turn into long household ones. The question "whether Leo and Libra are suitable for each other in marriage" has two answers: "yes" and "no" with a clear outweighed second option. The fact is that neither one nor the other express an ardent desire to enter into family relations. They perceive this as a heavy load. Lions in principle do not accept this, and Libra simply can not carry such a burden alone. The burden of the family will be too much for them. However, as we said above, there are some conditions, the observance of which contributes to a favorable family life. Read on!

We are making concessions!

If Libra and Lion light up with an incredible desireto entangle themselves with family ties, then each of them needs to learn something. For example, Leo needs to be patient, since Libra simply adores a lot and emotionally talks about future plans, moving to the stage of their implementation much later than their endless conversations. Libra, in turn, will have to reconcile with the bad habit of Leo to go to extremes. In addition, one does not need to get irritated again on the basis of Lev's proprietary views. We must understand that this person is royal, so she can have some weaknesses. Observing these trivial rules, partners can live a soul in the soul until old age!

Are the lion and the scales fit?

And further: if Lev is a man, then in marriage he should show his irreplaceable economic qualities. In this way he will "finish off" his beloved woman. Lions are jack of all trades! Screeching door hinges and broken water taps are not for you! Dare!

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