Aries-men - what are they?

Character of Aries

Aries men are distinguished by a huge lifeenergy - these people have a passionate temperament and a lively character; love to be in the spotlight; be in all the first and get deserved pleasures.

Despite the fact that the male rams are enoughwindy by nature, they are capable of deep and devoted feelings that any woman will appreciate. True, only in the event that their chosen one will be the most "unique and unique". Such Aries are men: they need the best, the less they will never agree.

One of the most common shortcomings is excessive pride, haughtiness, self-esteem, propensity for dictatorship, selfishness and inability to pay attention to the problems of other people.

Aries-men are interested in varioussciences and arts; have some youthful naivety, because of what often are disappointed in people (however, their disappointments are often forgotten, while remaining trusting enough in life); are idealists and romantics. Aries-men can achieve success in many ways, especially those associated with art. These are people who want to be in the spotlight and catch their admiring looks. These men are well aware of their sexuality and quite often use this - they can flirt at any time and with anyone. Women obey them at first sight, therefore it is almost impossible for men-Aries to wait for their loyalty. True, he can only be that "unique and unique", and even then - emotional fidelity for the ram has nothing to do with the faithfulness of the physical. When they want to get something, they grab any available opportunity, completely without thinking about the dangers and consequences. As for themselves, and others.

When communicating with the rams, there is often a feelingThe fact that these people are quite arrogant, and in most cases it is exactly so. These "lambs" are the most real egoists, taking into account only their desires and opinions. Therefore, they are very easy to fall for flattery, and in particular, the original and unusual. Want to attract the attention of the ram? Then praise him always, under any circumstances, as much as possible. He will definitely appreciate it.

To win the heart of this stubborn "lamb"It is not easy, but it is quite possible. To do this, you just need him to win you over. Aries should feel like a hunter who managed to get a rare and tempting trophy: in that case he will do everything possible to preserve this trophy. Husband-Aries should feel himself on the first roles (it would be quite good to play up to him in this), so he will come up more with a womanly and gentle woman who will be able to recognize his superiority. Feminists and masculine women with him are clearly not on the path: they "peregryzut" each other, figuring out who is more important and stronger. The most interesting is that, despite the fact that Aries is looking for a fragile and tender woman - he must necessarily see in it a strong personality. A girl who in all things indulges his whims and desires is definitely not in his taste. Ideal in such cases will be a couple: a man-Aries and a woman-Aquarius, in which the "ram" will be in the first roles.

Aries are excellent parents. For their child they will go mountain, not letting anyone offend him. However, in some cases, he can be somewhat persistent in matters of education and even able to put pressure on the child. There's nothing to be done: an impulsive character is an integral feature of the rams. However, in general, it can be said that such men quickly find a common language with children and are in perfect relations with them. They love children and are proud of all their successes as their own.

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