Dream Interpretation: What the former dreams about

What does the former dream about? When there is a parting with a once close person, all thoughts about what happened take a huge part of the time. And no, of course, nothing so supernatural, when a former boy dreams. It is worth explaining the meaning of some of the dreams that girls most often see.

What does the former
What does the former dream about? If a girl with her ex-lover in a dream meets again - this is proof that the feelings have long since cooled down, the wounds are tightened, and the insult has disappeared. It's time to postpone all the memories and look for a new love.

In the event that the former guys in a dream of the girlsappear in different images or situations - the young lady will have to admit that feelings are still hanging in the shower, and the young man still occupies a place in the heart. But if you resume the lost relationship, nothing will come of it. Therefore, it is better to forget it and stop torturing your soul with memories.

Why the former dreams with their new passion - such questions also arise often. This is an unpleasant sight, yes. But it is a harbinger of life's changes.

It is worthwhile to consider what the formerthe dream book of Miller. If again there is a meeting with him, and then some kind of close relationship - then, perhaps, something will happen soon, which will be connected with the past love relations. A kiss came up - there will soon be some amazing event, and the sexual act - there will be a conflict. Quarrel - changes in your personal life in a good way, parting - new acquaintances that will end, unfortunately, bad. Dream fought? Hence, the real partner will have habits inherent in the owner. Or on the horizon there will be a new satellite, very authoritarian.

Why do we dream
Why do we have dreams about the former ones in the dream book of Vanga? Because they, apparently, not so completely disappeared from the life of the girl. Dreams of an ex-young man - a young lady has hopes of bringing him back. If they are still together in a dream - then the heart finally let it go.

Freud's dreambook says that if a woman is a former in a dream, then this is the threshold of what will soon happen a quarrel with the present beloved.

It happens that in a dream the girl sees a wedding, onwhich in the role of the groom is her former, and in the role of the bride - another girl. This means that a young lady forgives someone for some offense. If the former marries her, there are big troubles, if he shows passionate love for her, there will soon not be a very pleasant surprise. When he dies in a dream - perhaps the girl who sees it, will soon be married and, probably, will give birth to the heir.

Former in a dream

It happens that a woman dreams of an ex-husband. That they meet. This is considered the threshold of a possible frivolous act on the part of the lady, which will lead to lamentable consequences. A divorced or married girl, who sees such a dream, can expect sudden forced trips, not entirely pleasant troubles that concern property and other her affairs.

If you dream a dream in which a girl breaks up with her ex-boyfriend (in real life), then this is a hint that maybe there will soon be some event that will change her life for the better.

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