I wonder what is Uraza-bairam?

Every year in Muslim families with impatienceawait the onset of one of the greatest solemn events for every Muslim - the holiday of Uraza-Bayram. Preparation for this momentous day begins one month before its onset, and the waiting lasts throughout the year.

what is uraza bairam
What is Uraza-bairam is a feast of breaking up, Idd al-Fitr, or Ramadan-Bayram - in different languages ​​means celebrating the end of fasting.

Muslim fasting is compulsory for allmature, mentally and physically healthy people. The Muslims are fasting for a whole month, having the opportunity to break fast only at night.

The fast (uraza) for the orthodox Muslim isthe possibility of spiritual purification, the curbing of their passions and weaknesses, the manifestation of obedience to Allah and the solidarity of the entire Islamic world with the distressed and afflicted.

Uraza shows the suffering of the hungry and the poor, puts the poor and rich in equal conditions and allows you to fight against gluttony and weakness in relation to natural instincts.

The Muslim fast involves abstaining from all earthly passions of the human body in the daytime and maximum zealous worship at night.

holiday uzaza bairam

With the sunset, fasting fasts,inviting each other to their teeming tables and sharing a meal with the poor, travelers, have-nots, friends and relatives. After the meal, families go to the mosque and stand long night prayers, read the holy book of Muslims - the Koran and pray for forgiveness of sins and sending blessings to all people.

The end of the month of fasting is determined by birthnew moon. On this day, the holiday of Uraza-Bairam comes. The morning of the celebration begins with a prayer in a mosque that is unable to accommodate so many celebrants, but many believers willingly pray on the asphalt and parapet, wanting to share the joy and delight of unity and mutual harmony in the Muslim world on such a blessed day.

On this day, do not forget about the poor. Each family is obliged by the laws of the sharia to prepare a gift in the form of products or money for the poor, who do not have the means to celebrate. Thanks to generous alms, poor people also know what Uraza-bairam is.

After the mosque it is customary to visit parents andcongratulate them. Islam says Paradise is at the feet of mothers. Adult children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren go to the old people with gifts and congratulations. Kiss their hands, ask for blessings and treat them with the best dishes. All-embracing joy covers the entire Muslim society.

 August 8 Uraza Bairam

Russians clearly saw whatUraza-Bayram, last year. Muslims of all nationalities held various entertainment events for adults and children. The mosques were full of prayers, the squares were dotted with bright kerchiefs and shiny beards, oiled with Arabian incense. So on August 8, Uraza-Bairam was held in many cities of Russia.

Particular attention is paid to children in Uraza-Bairam. In Islam, it is believed that to please a child is the greatest good. For kids, they arrange rides, fireworks, free entertainment and a lot of gifts.

Now you also know what Uraza-bairam is - a truly enchanting blessed spiritual holiday!

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