Dream Interpretation: What the knives dream about

We do not think of our daily life without thisobject, like a knife. But what can we expect if we discovered this sharp little thing in our own dream? We suggest to analyze similar dreams and find out what the dreamed knife symbolizes.

what does the knives look like?

What does the knives look like?: dream book of Gustavus Miller

This source claims that the dreamed knifeis a bad omen, foreshadowing separation from loved ones, quarrels and financial losses and losses. If you dreamed of a rusty knife, you will experience dissatisfaction with family life or part with your lover or lover. Broken knives dream interpretation treats as the collapse of all hopes. If you are stabbed, then expect trouble at home or intrigues from envious persons and enemies. If you dream that you yourself are rushing someone with a knife, then in real life you should control yourself not to commit any low and unworthy deeds.

What does the knives look like?: the dream book of Freud

If you dream a knife lying on a table, then inreal life you are very afraid of meeting new people. The reason for this was some event in the past. You need to find the strength in yourself and move on, do not allow the past to adversely affect your personal life. If you dream a very beautiful knife, then, probably, soon you will receive a valuable gift from someone you do not expect at all. But this present can have some kind of dirty trick, so be careful. Why dream about cutting with a knife? If the knife is dull, then such a dream means that you are still going on about the complexes that appeared as early as adolescence. It's time to overcome them and enjoy life. If you dream that you are buying a beautiful decorative knife in the store, then you are trying to always keep the situation under control. You would like your partner to always do just what you want. Try to restrain your self-interest a little, otherwise you will simply have no one to control.

dream book

What does the knives look like?: Dream Book of Aesop

This source treats the dream knife in two ways: as a symbol associated with both the economy and murder. If you dream that you are sitting on a knife, then you do not spend enough time on housekeeping, which can entail certain problems. If you are looking for a knife in a dream, but you can not find it, then you will find yourself in the so-called vicious circle, where you will be chased by intricate business, constantly piling up problems and feelings of hopelessness.

what are you dreaming about to cut with a knife

What does the knives look like?: medieval dream book

If in a dream you give someone a knife, then wake you upthreatens the loss of a close friend because of intrigues and gossip of a third person. If you dream that someone gave you a knife, then soon you will find a new faithful and faithful friend.

American dream book: what the knife is dreaming about

This source treats the dreamed knife asvery powerful symbol of both creation and destruction. Such a dream can mean that in real life you should "cut off" all unnecessary and unnecessary, as cut off sharp spikes from the rose. If you dream that someone is threatening you with a knife, then you are in danger of physical or emotional danger. Be carefull.

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