Surah of the Qur'an. Suras of the Holy Quran

Each denomination has its own sacred book,which helps to guide the believer on the right path and help at a difficult time. Christians have the Bible, the Jews have the Torah, and the Muslims have the Koran. In translation this title means "reading books". It is believed that the Koran consists of revelations, which were uttered by the Prophet Muhammad in the name of Allah. Nowadays there is a modern edition of the book that summarizes the most important information, and in which original records are collected.

suras of the Koran

The Essence of the Quran

The sacred book of the Muslim community in its timewas written by Muhammad and his ascetics. Ancient legends say that the transfer of the Koran lasted 23 years. It was performed by the angel Jabrayil, and when Muhammad was 40 years old, he received the book entirely.

In our time, there are several definitionsThe Koran. Some argue that this is the guide for the person who created the Most High. Others claim that the holy book is a real miracle, as well as proof that Muhammad's prophecies were genuine. Well, finally, there are people who believe that the Koran is the uncreated Word of God.

Koran Suras Bakars

The origin of the word "sura"

The Qur'anic chapters have been studied for a long timevarious scientists, but a huge contribution to their interpretation was made by Professor and Doctor of Philology Gabdulhai Akhatov. At the same time, he put forth a number of assumptions, among which there is one that the title of the sections of this book means a high status, position. There are also versions according to which "sura" is a derivative of "tassur", which translates as "ascent".

In fact, the meaning of this word is very much. Every scientist, philologist, researcher puts forward his own assumptions, which, of course, one should not rely on as a pure truth. Gabdulhai Akhatov also considered the option according to which "sura" in translation means "fence" or "fortress wall". In addition, the scientist conducted an analogy with the word "dastar", which translates as "bracelet", and the latter, in turn, is a symbol of eternity, integrity, continuity and morality. As a result, Akhatov came to the conclusion that the term "sura" has dozens of different meanings. That is, it is multifaceted, and everyone is free to explain and translate it as he pleases. After all, in fact, the main thing is not the word itself, but its meaning, meaning and faith.

all suras of the Koran

In the end, Gabdulhay came to the conclusion that"Sura" is the head of the book of the Qur'an, which is capable of changing the entire human world, turning it upside down. The researcher emphasized that when reading everyone should form spiritual energy, then the magical effect of surah will manifest itself.

What are Suras?

The sacred book consists of 114 chapters - this, in fact, is the surah of the Koran. Each of them is further subdivided into several revelations (ayat). Their number can vary in the range from 3 to 286.

All suras of the Holy Qur'an are divided intoMeccan and Medina. The emergence of the first is associated with the presence of the prophet in the city of Mecca. This period lasted from 610 to 622. It is known that in total Meccan surah number 86. An interesting fact is the order of the location of the chapters. For example, it can begin with the 96th Sura and end with the 21st.

surahs of the sacred Koran

Characteristics of Meccan surahs

Surah of the Quran for a long period of timeinterested in Muslims and continue to do so in our time. Considering a group called "Meccan", I would also like to note that they are of different types. Such a classification came about thanks to Theodor Nöldek. He assumed that the Meccan surah is 90, and they should be located depending on the period of occurrence.

Thus, Nöldeke singled out three typesMeccan surah: poetic (from 1 to 5 year mission of the Prophet Muhammad), Rahman (5-6 years) and prophetic (starting from the year 7). The first group is represented by chapters, which are depicted in expressive form, in rhymed prose. The poetic view implies images of the Doomsday pictures, infernal torments and contains the dogmas of monotheism.

Rahman's surahs of the Quran received their name inThe honor of Allah Rahman, who was called Gracious. It is believed that it was in the second Meccan period that the first predictions arose. The third group of suras is the most saturated. During this period the text is filled with narrations about the ancient prophets.

Koran Sura for house cleaning

Characteristics of the Medina Suras

The Medina Suras of the Qur'an characterize the periodstay of Mohammed in Medina, dating from 622-632. It is believed that these chapters of the holy book contain instructions and various regulations concerning religious, criminal and civil cases. In this group there are 28 sur. They are also located chaotically, that is, there is no definite sequence.

Surah Features

For a long time, Muslims believed that every surahis endowed with a sacred meaning, impregnated with wisdom, capable of preventing misfortunes and misfortunes, and also to protect from mistakes. Of course, simply by getting acquainted with the contents of the Quran, a person will not feel himself, like God, that is, Allah, in his bosom, and all problems will not disappear in a moment. Reading must take place in a state of hope, in order to obtain the blessing of the Most High. After all, only faith is able to heal and direct a person to a better life path.

Yasin Suras Koran

Among the vast number and variety of surthe following stand out: al-Bakkara, al-Fatih, Yasin, prayer for house purification, al-Nasr, al-Insan and others. The Qur'an pays attention to believers and opponents of Allah. So sometimes you can stumble upon the horrifying lines in the pages of the holy book.

Sura Al-Baccarat

Almost every Muslim sacredthe book is the Qur'an. Sura Bakara is considered one of the most powerful and significant. According to the account, it is the second and is the longest. Baccarat consists of 286 ayahs. In total, it includes 25613 Arabic letters. To understand what is the essence of this chapter, you need to read the previous one - al-Fatih. Sura Baccarat is its continuation. She explains in detail the contents of the previous revelations and is considered the guidance that was sent by Allah.

This sura teaches the humanity of life, conditionallydividing all people into three categories: the faithful, those who do not believe in Allah, and the hypocrites. Ultimately, the meaning of this chapter is that everyone must recognize that God exists and worship him. In addition, Sura tells people about the life of Israil and his sons, about the times of Moses and the mercy of Allah to them. All the suras of the Qur'an are of special significance, but Baccarat seems to introduce the reader into the course of the matter, tells the prehistory.

Funeral ceremony of Muslims

Like every nation, the deceased are escorted herein a long and calm way. At the same time, Muslims observe certain traditions and rules, which are described in the holy book called "Koran". Yasin-sura narrates about the funeral rites. According to the account, it is located on the 36th place, but in importance it is one of the main. It is believed that Surah was written in the city of Mecca, and it consists of 83 verses.

Yasin is dedicated to those who did not want to listen andbelieve. Sura claims that in the power of Allah to revive the dead, and then he will be considered his slave. The chapter also talks about the struggle between believers and infidels and the outcome of these battles. Many Muslims consider Surat Yassin the heart of the Koran.

individual suras of the Koran

Prayer for cleaning the house

As mentioned above, the Quran is a sacred bookMuslims, whom they attach great importance to. Each surah bears its mysterious and unique meaning. In addition to descriptions of the life of the prophets and reflections on the meaning of life, there are also prayers that help people protect their relatives from illnesses and disasters, and also cleanse their house of evil spirits and ask God for happiness, love and much more. This is a multi-faceted one - the Koran. Sura for the purification of the house is one of many chapters that convince that Muslims are not alien to the household chores, and not only struggle with the infidels.

Sura for house cleaning is necessary as often as possibleto read. Also, you can listen to it as an audio recording, mentally driving out of your beloved home evil. The essence of the chapter is to turn a person to Allah, who will protect and help at any time. As a rule, the prayer for cleansing is read three times in the morning and in the evening. Some recommend that you fix the reading with lines of verses of the throne.

Thus, the individual suras of the Quran playan important role in the life of the Muslim community. For many years they inspire, give strength and save people from troubles, misfortunes and other troubles. All of them, in fact, are God's revelation, a truth that does not require proof. And what comes from the creator, it necessarily brings good to man. You just need to believe in it.

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