Dream Interpretation: Cows - Why dream?

The dream book says that one of the bestomens is the appearance of a cow in a dream. What these animals really dream about can be determined only by analyzing all the circumstances of the dream.

Cows to what dreams
Wanderer dream: cows - what's in dreams

This dream usually portends troubles and concerns.

East dream book

If a person dreams of a cow, he will cry very bitterly for some reason.

French dream book

Many cows in a dream are a harbinger of deception,betrayal, hostility and infidelity of loved ones or loved ones. To drive a herd is a warning about threats that can be avoided only by showing caution. If it is the property of the sleeper - to increase prosperity and well-being.

Vedic Dream Book:

The fact that the dream of milking a cow is treated as material prosperity. If she pursues the sleeper - the enemies can overtake the latter by surprise.

Russian dream book: cows - what's in dreams

This dream is a symbol that is directly related to home life. For men, this dream can mean a not too smart lady.

What is the dream of cows and bulls
Chou-Hunn dream book: what is the dream of cows and bulls

Buffalo or bull in a dream is a sign that the departedancestors need sacrifice. Yellow cow - to well-being, nobility and wealth. If a bull or a cow climbs the mountainside - to prosperity, luck and great happiness. To lead an animal on a rope to the mountain - to wealth and nobility. If the bull has blood on the horns - to achieve the three highest ranks in government. Bodily cow - to failures in everyday affairs. Comes out of the gate - to a quick unpleasant event. The buffalo who entered the house is mourning. The calf was born - to fulfill all desires. To enter the village on horseback on a cow - to a quick joyful event.

Miller dream book

If the sleeper sees a herd that waits for milking - to fulfill many secret desires and implement plans.

Kopalinskogo dream book: cows - what's in dreams

If the animal is fat - to great luck, and if bad - to hunger.

Why dream about milking a cow
Winters dream

The cow is a very ancient symbol thatmeans well-being. If it is beautiful and fat, it is a sure sign that the sleeper's affairs are going well or will be adjusted in the near future. The fact that the dream of milking a cow is a good omen. If a person will do all his business and beginnings with love, then a huge success is guaranteed. Skinny animal dreams that it is necessary to pay more attention to the state of affairs. Perhaps the sleeper had started them too. To water or feed an animal - if you make serious efforts, you can significantly improve your position. The cow, who fights, dreams to the fact that the fervor of a person can adversely affect his well-being.

Tsvetkov dream book

The cow is a symbol of care. If she pursues the sleeper - to an unexpected inheritance. To see in a dream a herd that is far away in the field is a good omen.

Roma Dream Book

The cow is a symbol of home comfort and comfort. To milk her - the sleeper will have to work hard for most of his life, but for this there will be a good reward.

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