Evelina: the name, meaning and characteristics of its possessor

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At birth, each child is given a name.Some parents choose it according to the date of birth, others need a beautiful sound. And there are those who take into account the secret of the name and the characteristics that it can give to the owner. We'll talk about what Evelyn's name means later. In the first lines, let us pay attention to its origin. There are several versions.

So, from the Jewish "Evelyn" is translated as"life-loving". In Old French it means "hazelnut". Great popularity this name won in England after the publication in 1778 of the novel "Evelyn", which means "beautiful bird". In Russia it is not so common as in other countries.

What is different from other Evelyn?The name, whose meaning is ambiguous, already from the very childhood gives the child the ability to manipulate people around him. His main weapon in this are weakness and sensuality. And the tears and laughter of a girl with a given name are so sincere that there is not the slightest reason to doubt her feelings. Perhaps, therefore, she grows spoiled child, to whom everything is allowed. In her school years, her subconscious knowledge of psychology helps her. Quite often gets in touch with a necessary teacher, who, of course, will like the curiosity of the girl. Plus, everything, it can not be called lazy. She has good assessments and behavior.

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What are the character traits of Evelyn?A name whose meaning is characterized by emotional mobility, endows it with qualities such as purposefulness and self-esteem. And the artistry, which Evelins possess, brings them in life many positive surprises: where necessary, she can cry, portray joy or sadness. Life is more difficult for girls with any physical disabilities. Consciousness of own inferiority greatly affects self-esteem.

But this is not all the features that characterizeEvelina. A name whose meaning still includes such a feature as unpredictability in its list, gives the possessor inconsistency. Despite the fact that the girl is charming and sociable, her mood can suddenly change. And the surroundings are in most cases incomprehensible to the true cause. In addition to the above, a girl with this name is self-confident and prudent. By nature, she is endowed with good intuition, so she commits mistakes less often than others. He has an analytical mindset, but does not display his abilities. He does not aspire to leadership.

Evelina: the mystery of the name and its impact on professional activity

The owner of this name is very hardworking.Thanks to her softness and responsiveness, a beautiful teacher or doctor turns out from the girl. Caring for children brings her pleasure. A huge success awaits her in the field of social services. In addition, she finds herself in such professions as a confectioner, a veterinarian, an artist, a florist. It attracts those activities where it can become unique and inimitable. The team is friendly and sociable.

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Evelina. Name: value for marriage and family

When choosing a satellite, it preferspatient and strong spirit man. This is due to the fact that in family relationships, the spiritual connection is of particular importance, from her point of view. From her comes out a beautiful mistress and a kind, loving mother. Perfectly understands the male psychology, so in her house reigns calm and understanding. Relations with her husband are strong, but life is stable. He tries to solve his problems on his own. But despite this, very much in need of support from relatives.

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