Why do lice in hair look like?

What is the least known phenomenon inpsychology? Of course, dreams. We only know that dreams last only a few minutes, and not all night, as it seems to us, besides, most often they are black and white.

What does a louse dream about?
And why do we dream about what it is connected with, whatthey mean - it is not known. Sometimes such nonsense will dream, that it is a shame and to tell. Silently on the Internet you will find a dream book, you will read the interpretation, and then you constantly think about that nothing bad happens. After all, dreams are interpreted in completely different ways: according to some sources, sleep can be favorable, while in other cases it can be disastrous. Here for example, what dreams of lice?

Lice in dreams in different seasons

Depending on what time of year you arethese unpleasant insects have dreamed, and interpretation will occur. If in an autumn dream many lice seem to have showered your head and you are struggling with all their might, know: luck in money business was very close to you. You could get a huge cash prize, win the lottery or earn some money on some "shabashka", but because of your own indecision lost this chance. If the object of your summer sleep is lice, it means money profit. Why do lice and nits dream in the spring? At this time of the year, sleep is interpreted as a feeling of contempt for another person or circumstances, but disgust is also possible for oneself.

Lice in a dream on yourself

What does the head louse look like?
These unpleasant insects and in real lifeI do not really want to see, but in a dream, especially on my own. If you dream lice in your head, beware of trouble, because they are harbingers of trouble, perhaps your life will soon deteriorate. In case of the presence of lice on your body, beware of yourself. Soon you will act in relation to your friends is not very beautiful and noble.

Also an explanation of what lice are in yourhair, there may be legal problems that will eventually be resolved in your favor. If you catch lice in a dream, wait for an early cash profit. A dream in which you press a louse can mean a quick loss of a loved one, grief.

Lice in a dream on another person

Why does a louse have a headache in another person's head? This dream promises good news, soon you will be lucky in business. If you see these nasty insects on clothes, then it's worth worrying about your health, because it's a sign of a serious illness. Lice on animals are a sign of the approach of trouble and trouble in business.

Lies off
To see a louse in a dream

All dream books interpret dreams with lice in a variety of ways, independing on the people who made up the interpretations. Why do lice? The modern dream book says that it's not very pleasant events. To see one representative of these parasites is to be in trouble. If they are many, soon a person is in for trouble, it is possible that there are health problems. Psychological dream book tells that to see lice in a dream is not such a bad thing, people expect money and profit. But Miller's dream book treats lice as a "stunning discovery" in the life of a dreamer.

Which of the presented options to believe? Solve yourself. The answer to the question of what lice are dreaming about may be the situation in life. If you recently caught a cold and you dreamed of lice, beware of the disease. Offer to play the lottery, do not refuse: lice in a dream can bring you luck and winnings.

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