Compatibility of Sagittarius female - male Cancer in marriage

Compatibility of female Sagittarius, male Canceris 40%, so such a union is often based on calculation. Before the marriage each of the partners carefully ponders all the pros and cons. And to create a beautiful family, and build a career, the couple can not, so both have to choose one thing.

Compatibility of Sagittarius female - male Cancer
Both partners in a marriage can expect disappointment. The Cancer man mistakenly believes that his life will be full of adventures and pleasant surprises. He often compares the chosen one to his mother and as a result starts to blame her for spoiling and extravagance.

At the very beginning of a joint life with loversthere will often be problems with money. Cancer is very fond of collecting and saving, but in Sagittarius, money is never delayed. Conflict can arise on the basis of Sagittarius's passion for gambling. Partners have little in common, if we talk about the love compatibility of the Sagittarius woman, the male Cancer. Together they will be, if Cancer can reconcile with the free behavior of her chosen one, and Sagittarius will forget about the desire to be independent.

Cancer - Sagittarius: Compatibility of Zodiac Signs
Cancer - Sagittarius: compatibility of zodiac signs

The Sagittarius woman is strong and authoritarian. She is very mobile. The Cancer Man is restrained, a bit timid and even passive. To solve any issue, he approaches with scrupulousness. In this pair, the main woman will be, but sometimes the initiative will be taken by the man himself. Cancer is even glad that he does not need to bear the whole burden of responsibility. True, he is not such a soft being that will allow himself to lead.

The Sagittarius can repeatedly make sure thatcalmness and some instability of the partner hide under itself persistence and great ambitions. Despite the fact that they are so different, they can still be together. This is indicated by the compatibility of the Sagittarius woman-the Cancer man.

Cancer is a very large owner and jealous. It is extremely difficult for him to accept the love of his chosen one for freedom. He will take everything very painfully, but eventually he will understand that one should not show such sensitivity. Over time, Cancer will appreciate the bold woman Sagittarius, and she will thank him for his support.

Compatibility signs: Cancer and Sagittarius
Cancer for Sagittarius - the man she isshe searched all her life. He is not perfect, but his eyes are able to spell absolutely any woman. Cancer can support in a difficult situation, you can always rely on it. Partners will be able to live together for a long time if they concede each other. The common thing between these signs is that they are very fond of trips and adventures.

Compatibility of signs Cancer and Sagittarius can be calledenergy dependence. They give each other strength. Cancer in Sagittarius attracts confidence and incredible energy, and Sagittarius is impressed by the emotionality of Cancer. It can be argued that the compatibility of the Sagittarius woman - the male Cancer - is quite favorable. And for the marriage of these people to be happy, the Sagittarius woman will have to become less proactive, sacrifice freedom and spend more time with her beloved.

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