Compatibility signs: a woman-virgo - a man-Aries

Compatibility signs: a woman-Virgo - a man-Aries - speaks about the impossibility of creating these partners a favorable union.

Woman-virgo - man-Aries
Woman-Virgo - calm, balanced, you caneven quiet. The Aries man is emotional, bright and impulsive, often irritated by her passivity. He loves adventure, and she is jealous of him literally to everything. The arrogant Aries will be able to interest the conservative Virgin, but for him the sexual aspect of the relationship is very important. The Virgo woman in bed is very cold.

Partners will constantly have a massvarious disputes and misunderstandings. Another stumbling block in this alliance will be money. The Virgo woman is very thrifty by nature, and Aries simply is not capable of minimal waste. He likes to live on a wide leg.

The Virgo woman likes to analyze her beforeall you need is a partner to whom she can fully and unconditionally trust. The Aries man is always in a hurry somewhere. He believes that in this life it is necessary to act, and not sit still and reason, as his partner does.

The combination of Virgo and Aries

The combination of Virgo and Aries can be consideredunfavorable also because partners are two complete opposites in terms of life goals. In a relationship where a female Virgo, a male Aries, will often experience various difficulties. This can be attributed to the purposefulness of the fiery man, forcing him to put everything aside, as well as very large ambitions. On the part of women - obsession with daily duties, both at home and at work. The Aries man will never tell about his mistakes, however, the sense of responsibility is developed in both partners.

Virgo belong to a very rare category - opponents of sex. In addition, she does not recognize any vulgarity. The Aries man is very temperamental, and also a convinced idealist.

Woman-Virgo is a born analyst. She always keeps those promises. To break them, she can in the case when the partner has dealt her some insult.
If a female Virgo begins to criticize intentionsand the actions of a man-Aries, it irritates him, humiliates him and causes him fierce anger. She responds to his anger with icy detachment, ostentatious enjoyment of her grief and unwillingness to help.

Union, in which the Woman-Virgo, a man-Aries, canbe preserved only if Aries shows selflessness and realizes the needs of her chosen one, and she, in turn, will completely trust him and show enthusiasm for his dreams.

Virgo and Aries compatibility reviews

So, the most unfortunate are Virgo and Ariescompatibility. The responses of the Dev women and the Aries men who were in a legal marriage, this is confirmed. According to the social survey, it is only 39%. The main reasons for the impossibility of living together partners is the dissimilarity of their characters, as well as the divergence in setting life goals.

It is noticed that the female Virgo, the Aries man can be together, if the Virgo adapts to the partner's temperament, and he finally realizes how valuable this partner is to him.

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