Compatibility of the Lion Male and the Taurus Woman: all aspects

For centuries, astrologers around the world have been studying the influence ofthe location of the stars at the time of the birth of a person for his later life and character. The accumulated statistics are reduced to a table of the relative positioning of planets and luminaries used to predict someone's fate - a horoscope. Woman-Taurus, male-lion, male-Aquarius, female-Cancer - all so different, so complex.

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They say that opposites attract. Does it always work? Is it lawful to talk about people like that? Different characters, different signs of the Zodiac, different elements ... Let's talk about the compatibility of the male Lion and the female Taurus, Fire and Earth. We begin by defining the character of each of the signs.

The lion is bright, noble, generous, fair,generous; its place only in the epicenter of events; full of creative ideas. He was born for a scene. If he could not get on the stage, he would build his own theater, where he would invite all his friends. The audience needs it, like the air. In sex, he is gentle and romantic. For him there is no intimate relationship without love. Must be emotions.

Taurus is calm, pragmatic, purposeful,not inclined to change their decisions. He does not like to overspend, he does not go on adventures. A woman-Taurus is content with the small thing that she has without chasing a bird of happiness. At the same time she is not stranger to romantic impulses, but she believes that there should be only one wedding in her life.

Compatibility of the male Leo and the female Taurus
Compatibility of the male Lion and the female Taurus aslovers unlikely. He, like a balloon, tears upward, and she keeps him on the ground dead weight. The lion is ready to trail behind the spectacular beauty, Taurus does not admit liberties. The generosity of the first is perceived by the second as forging and inability to handle money. Sooner or later a woman will want to completely control a man who, in turn, will not tolerate any pressure. Their lives in a legitimate marriage will be full of conflicts.

Compatibility of the male Lion and the female Taurus asfriends are possible. He needs a periodic cold shower, so that it does not come from pride, and she will gladly provide it. Taurus also values ​​the protection and patronage that the Lion renders him.

compatibility man Taurus woman Lion
Compatibility of the male Lion and the female Taurus inas colleagues will be ideal. If he is the head of the team, he gladly encourages any initiative of the employees, and the indecisive lady will not manage to sit in the shade. With the support of the Chief Lion, the Taurus woman will reach the heights to which she would have waved her hand alone. If she manages the team, her subordinates can be sure that their position is stable, they are not threatened with dismissal, everyone will be rewarded according to their merits. In this situation, the male Leo from the skin will come out to show himself, being sure that he will receive honors and recognition.

If we consider the opposite, thencompatibility male-Taurus - female Lion is also possible only in conditions of friendship or work. Sex has little effect on character. Stubborn and unwieldy Taurus will hardly tolerate flirtatious and flirting with each oncoming Lioness.

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