The Importance of Muslim Prayer

Namaz - this is the name of the daily fivefoldprayer in Islam. The importance of Muslim prayer is stipulated in the holy book of the Qur'an, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and in all the works of Muslim scholars. According to Islamic theologians, between faith and disbelief of the servant of God is prayer. And the faith of a person who left a fivefold prayer and neglected it, remains in doubt.

Interpretation of the meaning of the Muslim prayer

prayers of Muslims

What is prayer? This is the fulfillment of the rite of worshiping Allah throughout his adult sexual life during certain intervals of the day with the fulfillment of a clear sequence of rituals. The process of prayer is stipulated by a number of important rules, non-observance of which hinders its execution:

- maintaining the purity of the place where Muslims pray;

- ritual purity of body and clothing;

- sincerity of intention;

- the sequence of basic ritual actions.

The morning prayer of the Muslims begins the day of eachbeliever, and the night - completes it. Throughout life, Muslims hundreds of thousands of times touch the forehead of the earth, expressing their obedience to the will of Allah, recognizing his dominance and showing humility and gratitude. According to the texts of the Qur'an, the person who performed the prayer is cleansed of sins that they committed shortly before, if these sins do not concern themselves with causing harm to others and are not serious sins. Thus, the Muslim is given the greatest mercy of the Most High - the forgiveness of sins, like a fivefold washing of the body, which can not remain dirty after such regular purification procedures.

Morning prayer of Muslims

A special place is occupied by the Friday prayerMuslims, when all the mosques are filled with people gathered to manifest obedience to the will of the Most High, emphasizing their unity and uniting in joint worship to Allah.

For the regular performance of the Muslim prayera person is prepared for various rewards - beginning with the blessings of this world and ending with the promise of easy staying in the grave after death, filled with light and peace of the last shelter of the deceased, forgiveness on the day of judgment, protection from hell and eternal bliss in paradise.

Namaz serves not only as a method of proofrecognition of the will of the Lord and the expression of obedience, but also the opportunity to earn encouragement and beg for forgiveness. He cleanses the soul of man from the evil influence of the ego, from the teachings of Satan, from evil eye and spoilage.

Friday prayers of Muslims

The person who performs the fivefold prayer,accompanied guardian angels. They drive away all evil spirits from it and prevent it from penetrating into the body of the worshiper, inflicting irreparable damage to his morals and spirituality.

For every Muslim, prayer is notduty or a series of boring monotonous actions. This is an opportunity for dialogue with God, it is an all-encompassing mercy that allows us to hope for the forgiveness of sins and painless redemption of them, this is a chance to keep our faith and not to leave for another world in a state of blasphemy or unbelief.

Every God-fearing Muslim with tremblingrefers to the preservation of his belief and obedience to God, he tries to work above the level of God-fearing and unquestioningly fulfills his religious duties, and in particular monitors the observance of the fivefold prayer.

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