Which stones are suitable for Cancers and other useful recommendations

The world of stone and the elements of Water

what kind of stones are crayfish

The element of Water is in harmony with the blue,blue, green and white colors. This color scheme extends to the talismans of the water trigon. Summer, the sea and its gifts determined which stones are suitable for Cancers. They should be transparent and light, like the subtle soul organization of people born under the sign of Water. Soft colors of the sun are also preferable for the July constellation. Dark, or richly red shades can even cause harm to the owner. But this rule has an exception. In the case of black pearls, opals, mother of pearl and corals, the attitude to these stones of Cancer itself plays a decisive role. In general, any mascot chosen by you personally is not capable to do much harm, if it seems to you suitable. In this case, the key determinant is intuition.

Which stones are suitable for Cancers

precious stones for zodiac signs

Especially recommended Neptune's wardsaquamarine and beryl blue, white, green flowers; pearls of white, yellow and pink flowers; a dense green emerald; Moonstone; jade and a bright green brush of uvarovite.

Talismans and amulets

Talking about what rocks are suitable for Cancers, you can notnot to mention that the talismans of the sign are the emerald, which gives happiness to the owner and protects him from all misfortunes, troubles and sorrows; pearls - a symbol of love, loyalty and good luck. Moonstone soothes and relieves stress, in addition, it gives good luck in the love sphere; chrysoberyl empowers a special energy, is a conductor to the higher powers, protects the house and the owner. And the amulet for the watermark June-July are: chalcedony - a mineral that acts soothingly not the human psyche, emerald and stones of milky flowers.

Talismans of the zodiac signs

talismans of the zodiac signs

For other signs of the Zodiac, the main talismans are:

Aries - diamond and ruby; Taurus - agate and carnelian;The twins are cornelian and beryl; Cancer is an emerald; Lion - ruby, jasper, amber and pyrope; Virgo - onyx and jasper. For Libra talismans are amethyst and diamond; for Scorpio - blood and hematite, turquoise. Sagittarius prefers sapphire, Capricorn - zircon, and Aquarius - jade and amethyst. Fish are protected by pearls and aquamarine.

Precious stones for the signs of the Zodiac

Aries fit diamond, amethyst, emerald; Taurus -agate, emerald, sapphire; Gemini - emerald, pomegranate, jasper, beryl, pearls, rock crystal, moonstone. Cancers are suitable for pearls, emeralds, rubies, selenite; Lions - ruby, topaz, sardonyx, diamond; Devum - topaz, sapphire, jasper, malachite, sardonyx; Libra - green jasper, pearls, amethyst, selenite, coral, tiger's eye, rock crystal; Scorpions - hyacinth, opal, topaz, citrine, malachite, ruby, rock crystal; Streltsam - amethyst, topaz, turquoise, emerald, citrine, chrysolite. Capricorns need to wear jewelry with obsidian, turquoise, garnet, selenite, onyx, chrysolite. Aquarians need garnet, sapphire, opal, amethyst, hyacinth, black pearl; Pisces - aquamarine, emerald, coral, pearls, amethyst.

Which stones are suitable for Cancers for decades (semiprecious, precious and ornamental)

For Cancers of the first decade, it is most preferableemerald, keeping conjugal relations, protecting against diseases, other ills. Cancers of the second decade are suitable opal. This stone is interesting in its history: it is believed that it reveals the magical abilities of people, true, only those whose thoughts are devoid of evil and hatred. And the third ten-day group is recommended to wear moonstone, which gives eloquence and oratory.

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