Tell you what the rat dreams about

Falling asleep, a person dreams. Someone has a colored and bright dream, beautiful and pleasant. Such that I do not want to wake up, I want to stay longer in the realm of Morpheus. Someone sees black and white dreams, and, waking up, does not remember what events happened. Someone has nightmares or unpleasant dreams, from the plot of which he throws into a cold sweat. Dreams are so different. And, it turns out, what we see is connected with real life. Dreams help to avoid mistakes, indicating the right decision, for example, the problem that has arisen. They suggest that the body harbors an ailment. Dreams can even predict future events.

What does the rat dream about?
Often people dream of animals. When we wake up, we open the dream book and see what the meeting might mean. For example, what does the rat dream about? Let's find out more.

What does a meeting in a dream with a rat

Different interpreters interpret differentlydreams of mice and rats. To accurately explain such a meeting, it is necessary to recall details in detail. For example, if a rat attacked or just looked into the eyes. Perhaps the rodent ate calmly or simply basked in the sun. It is from such details that all interpretation will depend.

Also, arguing over what the rat is dreaming about, it should be noted a very important detail. Pay attention to the color of the rodent's fur. To dream a white rat - to luck, gray - to trouble.

What does a gray rat dream about?

What are the dreams of mice and rats?
If you dreamed of a gray rat, then know thatahead of you trouble. It symbolizes a person who is always nearby. It can be close relatives, employees, companions, friends. A mouse or rat seen in a dream is deceived. And it is very difficult to say unequivocally what rat is dreamed about.

For example, you see in your dream, as near to youa rat is sitting and washing. This means that very soon a close relative will appear in your house, the purpose of its appearance is not entirely favorable for your family. If the rat is gray and dirty, know that at work your colleagues are pouring mud on you or you become an object of gossip. Gray rat attack in a dream - to defeat in real life. Your beginnings will not bring success.

Also, thinking about what the rats dream about, consider safety. For example, if she has dragged food from your table - a signal that you will be robbed or injured by close people.

What does rats and mice see?
Favorable sign if the rat is afraid of you andruns away. This means that you will be able to cope with the problems yourself. But catching a rodent - to danger, humiliation and conflict. Although killing a rat, according to Miller's dream book, is evidence that in reality you will become a winner and will cope with all the difficulties.

White rat in a dream

Interpreters, explaining to what the rat dreams,pay attention to their color. White color - not just a favorable sign, but a messenger of luck and happiness. And it is believed that the dream in which you catch white rodents, says a huge win. So do not tell me what the rats dream about, but rush to buy a lottery ticket.

Also a favorable sign if a white rat runs away from you. This means that, by your perseverance, you will achieve what you desire. And it does not matter at all whether you catch up with it or catch it.

At the same time, it should be noted, what does it dream aboutrats and mice, who, clinging to each other, gathered in a corner. This dream signals that you are surrounded not by the people with whom you need to communicate. This is a kind of warning that it's time to change the circle of communication and the company.

Let's sum up what the rats and mice are dreaming about. Although the interpretation of this dream is generally positive and does not promise a tragedy, yet when you see this animal in a dream, you should take a closer look at the information obtained during the night travel.

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