Compatibility female Aries - Aries man

An ordinary person has sought to know the future at all times. Today it is especially interesting, because, according to many mystics, the End of the World is approaching.

So what is the horoscope for 2012? Aries-man will be immersed in work all year round. The impatient, brave, full of ideas the man will manage to become simultaneously the excellent chief and the executive subordinate. Accustomed to independently manage finances, such a person will find a way to start a new business that brings a good profit. Finally, he will have the opportunity to invest in himself. The middle of the year will require a fiery sign of flexibility. If he can understand that subordinates can also work well, and not only the boss is able to show initiative, then by the beginning of summer he will be able to raise business to new heights.

In summer, a tired fire sign will needrest. Movable and fickle, this person does not yet know what he will choose: a trip to places of childhood, mysterious Caribbean or fishing out of town.

Sexually, for a man, there is littlewill change. The same charming, amorous, romantic, but demanding, by the end of the year, he will finally be able to decide what kind of love, what caress wants the most. However, impermanence can lead to the fact that the health of a loving romantic can suffer from illegible connections.

Time to study or gain new experiencewill come for a woman, promises a horoscope for 2012. Aries, a woman, intelligent, principled, will finally be able to change long-bored activities, look to new partners. This applies to both professional and intimate spheres. The desire to dominate, self-directing relationships in the middle of the year can create such a woman a lot of problems. But by the end of the year there is, finally, a man who will satisfy the irresistible mastery of a fiery woman, her charm. Perhaps even a proposal of the hand and heart.

Signs of Fire will have to remember that when trying to findyour soul mate, sometimes you need to consider zodiac compatibility. Woman-Aries - a man-Aries can create a very interesting couple. They are brought together by restlessness, desire to move forward, enthusiasm. The first meeting of the two elements of Fire will be like a bright flash: both will understand that this is love. However, it is more likely that it will not be love, but delight from meeting people of the same views, similar world views. Despite the fact that a different feeling will be accepted for love, it will very quickly become an enchanting hobby. Children of Fire will never be bored with each other.

On Earth there is nothing eternal: will end for lovers and perfect compatibility. Woman Aries - a man-Aries, who in the frenzy of passion will commit the most ill-considered acts, are able to turn their life together into something completely unpredictable.

After a while, the couple will get tired of living inmid-storm, and then come disappointment. When the sensual storm settles, the partners will be surprised: what could they accept as compatibility? Woman Aries - a man-Aries, tired of the passions, will start to peer intently into each other. And with surprise they can find out that their half is absolutely not the character they wanted to see. How did this happen? And this is the result of haste, because of which Aries are able to fall in love very much from the very first, sometimes fleeting glance.

Nevertheless, if desired and with some effortyou can maintain compatibility. Woman-Aries - a man-Aries are able to preserve the union for decades. If both are interested in this. To do this, it is necessary to keep the partner in constant emotional tension, to invent something new, to arrange psychological shocks. They will have to flirt, warm up interest in their sexuality, try to remain as unpredictable as on the day of their acquaintance.

To keep the union of fiery signs for longyears, you can not do one thing - pretend. Sincere, though slightly erratic, but always permanent Aries can revive even cooling feelings. And as soon as they flare up with renewed vigor, everything will begin again.

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