What are the wedding dresses for?

Dress for a wedding is a bright dream of eachgirls. Already from kindergarten age she presents it to herself - beautiful, like a fairytale princess, airy, with a lace corset and flying skirts, adorned with flowers and ribbons. Therefore, it is not surprising if the wedding dress is dreaming of a real bride, the brain continues its work at night, and pre-holiday efforts are reflected in dreams. It's bad if in a dream the bride is working on a dress - embroider, alter, decorate. This may be a signal that the wedding will not take place. It is necessary to try to wake up not very detailed the upcoming ceremony, and it is likely that everything will be fine. Trying on a wedding dress in a dream means incontinence, impatience.

What does a wedding dress look like ifthe wedding is not planned in the near future? Such a dream for both women and men means participation in social activities, acquaintance and friendship with new people.

Dirty, torn, spoiled weddingThe dress can dream as a warning about a break in relations with a loved one. If in a dream the dress is covered with mud on your eyes, it becomes black, you should expect big troubles or a long illness for you or your loved ones

Let's try to explain what the weddingdresses to mother of the bride. As the marriage of the daughter is a joyful event, a dress or even a few can be seen as a sign of change for the better, stability and well-being in the family and with close relatives.

To dream of a girlfriend in a wedding dress saysthat someone secretly envies you and wants troubles. If in a dream you see a witness (friend) at your wedding, someone thinks up a villainy against you.

Why dream about trying on a wedding dress? A dream is good in all respects, it usually predicts the emergence of the possibility of additional earnings in addition to the basic, a simple job that brings in a good income.

A wedding dress of red color signalsThe fact that not all is well in intimate life, and this situation requires change. Most likely, you need to talk about this with your partner. Black wedding dress promises future troubles.

Why do wedding dresses for women who are married? Married women can wear such outfits on the eve of a major family quarrel or even a divorce.

If you see yourself in a wedding dress, feastingat a festive table, it promises good luck in all life endeavors, except for family life. In this case, a long marital union should not be hoped, love will be short-lived.

Wedding dress, put on in a dream a second time,warns of the danger that threatens you. Why are wedding dresses on which there is a great spot? Such a dream suggests that the relationship between future spouses can not be called open and confidential, at least one of them hides something from his chosen one or his chosen one.

Lose a wedding dress in a dream - lose itrespect of others. A short dress means an uncertain business situation, a failure in business. See yourself dress, embroidered with gold threads - to a successful and happy life, wealth and prosperity.

In the dream book of Sigmund Freud, a wedding dressis associated with female nudity. If in a dream a woman flaunts herself in front of other people with her outfit, then she considers herself naked as very beautiful. To consider oneself in the mirror means the desire for self-satisfaction. What does the wedding dress, packed in a suitcase or folded in a closet, not wearing or already taken off, look like? According to Freud, this is a symbol of dissatisfaction with the partner and family life in general.

Analyze, think what a dream may mean, but do not attach much importance to everything.

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