A dream book: chickens - for good or for good?

What does a chicken look like? Will tell you a dream book. Chickens are a symbol that can be interpreted in various ways. Further in the article, we'll talk about what these little yellow lumps are dreaming about. This is what the dream book says. Chickens are a sign that there will be something new in your life. Like all animals, they predict a new purchase, purchase. Another option is the appearance in your life of a little

Dream book of chickens
stupid person, even a friend. Psychological dream book says otherwise. Unlike the previously stated options, here we have a caution. So, the chickens. according to a psychological dream book, foretell an early illness or even death. Believe it or not - everyone decides for himself. Especially since this is not the only dream book. Chickens, chickens are harbingers of trouble. There comes a time when it is difficult to distinguish useful actions from a stupid waste of time.

And that's what the other dream book says. Chickens in a dream symbolize the same troubles, however, they are related to your business. And it is about him and to work. But all the dream books agree that there is a chicken in a dream not for good. Here there is either an indication of not very good personal qualities of a person who eats a bird, or a warning about a meeting with such a subject. So, if you ate

dream hat chickens
a chicken's sleep, it indicates your selfishness andwarns that your problems may worsen. But this is not all, as the dream book warns. Chickens running around the yard in a dream, indicate that your enemies are plotting against you. At the same time, cooking a chicken is a pretty good sign. So, a person cooking a chicken on fire is a good family man and has all chances to marry soon or get married.

Another interpretation is given by the English dream book. Chicken with chickens is a harbinger of a bad harvest, and also that your loved one will leave you soon, combining your life with another person. If chickens have dreamed of a child, it indicates that he feels weak, defenseless and needs the support and love of the family.

Slavic dream book, treats chickens in a dream veryin two ways. On the one hand, the chickens promise profit and joy. On the other hand, they are troubles and problems. Therefore, in the interpretation it is very important to look at the conditions in which you dreamed a dream, which was still dreamed of except for chickens, as they dreamed.

dream hat chicken with chicken
Strangely enough, not far from the Slavic leftRussian folk dream book. Chickens here act as weaker people or children. So if you see a lost chicken, it means that you patronize the weaker and try to protect it. If a chicken drinks water in your dream, it means that you often make hasty decisions without thinking over the pros and cons. Almost the same can be said if in a dream you hold a chicken in your hands. Do not rush to make decisions and proposals for cooperation, not checking how much your partner is reliable and what can stand behind his caressing speeches.

If the prediction concerns a family, in thisIn the case, chickens talk about successful undertakings, pleasant troubles. It is also believed that the person to whom the chickens are dreaming will be happy to fulfill family responsibilities shortly. That's all that the dream book says. Chickens, chickens can promise both income and hassle.

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