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As a rule, people believe that if in a dream theysome nice events or images are seen, then everything will be fine in reality. And what to expect, if a dream was so grand, but at the same time frightening and dangerous phenomenon, like a lightning strike? We propose to seek the interpretation of this dream for several of the most popular dream books of our time.

lightning dream book

Lightning: dream book Gustav Miller

This source claims that lightningsymbolizes prosperity and happiness for a short period of time. If you dreamed of lightening, lighting for a moment an object near you, then you can be extremely excited by the luck of a friend. Or you yourself will become a victim of envious people. If you saw a black lightning that flashed in the middle of dark clouds, then you will have a fairly long period, during which you will face difficulties and disappointments. If the lightning illuminated you with your light, then perhaps you will be amazed to the depth of your soul and will affect some future sad event. If you saw a lightning above your head, then you are waiting for happy events and financial well-being.

lightning dream book

Lightning: dream book Freud

According to the interpretation of this dream book, a dreamA flashing lightning is a harbinger of an offensive in your life of an event that you do not expect at all. Most likely, you will meet a person of the opposite sex, with whom you will become very close in the future. But at first it will seem completely unattractive to you. If you dream that the place where you are standing strikes lightning, this is a harbinger of a great and passionate love at first sight, which will strike your heart as unexpectedly as a lightning strike.

Lightning: dream book Wangi

This source considers dreams inwhich featured lightning as a harbinger of destruction, unhappiness and great grief. If the lightning you see in the sky, then there are likely strong fires that can leave a large number of people homeless.

had a lightning

Lightning: dream book Nostradamus

If you dreamed a bright flash of lightning,expect important news from afar. If lightning hits you, then in real life you should show maximum restraint, because someone is trying to drag you into some kind of conflict. A ball lightning descending to earth from the sky is a harbinger of any invasion from space: most likely, a meteorite will fall nearby. If you dream that people die from burns of ball lightning, then probably the emergence of environmental disaster through the fault of man. If in a dream you simultaneously saw a flash of lightning and heard a thunderbolt, then consider this a caution. Perhaps you need to revise your own life positions.

Lightning: dream book from A to Z

A bright flash of lightning in the immediate vicinityfrom you symbolizes the coming great joy in your life. If you see lightning in the distance, then you will have a short-term success in business and endeavors, which will subsequently decline. If you are dreaming of a tree burning with a lightning strike, then be careful: someone can take advantage of your gullibility for mercenary purposes.

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