Dream interpretation: what are the wedding rings for?

Sleep was always given special significance. Many objects, actions, phenomena that have been seen in night visions have their meaning. They portend the events of real life, warn of danger, inform about joy. Dreams were created long ago for the interpretation of dreams. They can find interpretation of various dreams, including an explanation of what the wedding rings are dreamed of. However, different dream books can interpret night visions in different ways. Some foreshadow joy, others trouble. But more often in dream books - similar values ​​of dreams.

What are the wedding rings for?
It is worth noting that to see the same thing,and engagement rings, including, it is possible to different events, depending on who is dreaming. For example, the interpretation for girls may differ from the value for the guys. Also depends the importance of sleep and on how exactly the dream is dreaming.

In general, it is believed that if the wedding rings are taken off, already put on hand, then this is the conclusion of marriage, the birth of a child. If the ring is only worn on the arm, then it heralds the fulfillment of desires.

If you wear this attribute of marriage in a dream, thenthis indicates an early successful marriage, or the provision of special attention and love from family members. If the engagement ring is lost, then most likely some old ties will be destroyed by your fault.

What are the wedding rings that wearfriends, friends? This suggests that soon, light, non-committal relationships will be tied up. Try on someone else's product - to show interest in any forbidden pleasure.

interpretation for girls
If a married woman in her dream saw her ringbrilliant, bright, then it speaks of conjugal fidelity, carefree life. The find of the object speaks of the upcoming significant meeting, of new love or friendship. To give a ring in a dream means soon to marry, and to get it - to well-being.

Wedding rings are removed and to badpredictions. So, to pass them on to someone means a loss in life. If in a dream it broke or it is removed from the finger, then it means separation, loss. If the ring can not be removed from the finger, then this indicates the impending captivity.

if you dream of wedding rings
It is worth noting that to see in a dream this or thataction, the object does not mean to know about the upcoming event. Visions can be inspired by constant thoughts about something, upcoming troubles, cares. So what are the wedding rings for? This may be due to a real upcoming wedding, when the bride and groom are busy preparing for it. Their thoughts are only concerned with this, which affects their dreams.

In general, we can say that if the actions,connected with engagement rings, bear positive emotions, then in real life one should wait for favorable news, events. For married couples, this speaks of the well-being of their family, of marital fidelity. If, on the other hand, a negative is associated with these objects in a dream, then most likely, you are in for some trouble.

Is it worth believing in a warning in a dream orit's just a dream, you need to decide for yourself. However, it is still necessary to listen to night visions and take possible measures to eliminate and suppress unpleasant situations in reality. You should find out what the wedding rings are about, and take this into consideration.

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