Compatibility: Scorpio male - female Gemini in love

Speaking about the compatibility of a man-Scorpio -woman-Gemini, it should be noted that the marriage relationship between these people can hardly be ideal. Their compatibility in marriage is 40%. Love can appear between these signs, but the Scorpio owner will never be able to reconcile with the unessentiality of the Gemini woman. She is always surrounded by a bunch of fans, which will awaken the strongest jealousy in Scorpio. The Twin Woman does not intend to sit at home and induce comfort in him, than she will always excrete this strong and domineering man.

Gemini-Woman and Scorpio - Compatibility
Compatibility is a man-Scorpio - a woman-Gemini. Characteristics of signs

These signs of the zodiac are completely different. Gemini can quickly charm Scorpio with its easy character, soulful mind and endless charm. A Gemini woman is a secret that a Scorpio man can not solve. He will never know everything about this woman, and will be very worried about it. Gemini leads through life curiosity and a natural inclination for analysis, the Scorpio male is his suspicion. But you can not hide anything from both of them.

Compatibility of a man-Scorpio - a Gemini woman in marriage

In marriage, Gemini and Scorpio are poorly compatible. To be together, these signs will have to constantly change and adapt to the mood of the partner. For Scorpio this process is less painful than for Gemini. Scorpio does not do half of it, and the Twins half do everything. This they strongly irritate their chosen one.

Compatibility male Scorpio - female Gemini
Compatibility man-Scorpio - woman-Gemini in love

The woman of the zodiac sign Gemini is always easy incommunication. She loves and knows how to communicate, that is why people constantly "drag on" her. Gemini is intelligent, hardworking, educated, loving wife and mother. It is very difficult for her to direct her energy in the right direction, but she also lacks the assiduity to finish the work she has begun. The Scorpio male has a solid character. He is unchecked and self-sufficient. He takes all decisions in the family. Usually Scorpio occupies a leading position and acts only as he sees fit. The representative of this sign is selective in food, drinks, clothes, cars and women. He does not content himself with the small, but chooses only the best. The Scorpio man achieves everything himself and exerts maximum of his efforts for this. He is ready to take responsibility for what is happening around, confident in himself and is not afraid that other people will not understand him.

Scorpio Woman - Gemini Man
Gemini is a woman and Scorpio. Compatibility in sex

Sex between these signs always resembles a game. In her, Scorpio will win. Problems can arise when a Gemini-woman gets tired of being defeated, and she will want to look for new adventures on the side. For Gemini, their love affair is just a game. And if it is lost, then there will always be another. The Scorpio man does not know how to easily lose and struggles to the end.

Union woman Scorpio - male Gemini toohas a compatibility of 40%. True, it can be compared with an explosive mixture that combines romance, passion, quarrels and jealousy. The Scorpio woman is extremely jealous, and the Gemini male is unstable and independent. This turbulent romance will be short-lived, but very memorable for both partners.

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