The Shamil Mosque is a place of tranquility of the soul

For every Muslim a mosque is a placesoothing his soul and heart in a world of problems and anxieties. This is the house where the believer is visiting Allah, before whom he will stand during the Great Court. Once the Messenger of Allaah said: "When a person enters the mosque, he should not sit down without committing two salah greetings." Today mosques can be found in almost all countries of the world. For example, the Shamil Mosque, which is located on the shore of Lake Kaban, is located in Kazan.

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This mosque is located on the coast of Lake Kaban, insurrounded by private houses in Boriskovo. The structure blends seamlessly into the terrain. It has two land minarets, a central dome and a flanking entrance. The dome and minarets are crowned by a crescent moon. The walls of the building do not have any architectural details, its silhouette is simple and expressive.

Mosque of Shamil on Boriskovo has a large prayer hall, which is notcontains no images. One wall holds an empty niche where Imam prays. On the right is the pulpit with which the imam reads sermons during prayers. On Wednesdays, the Healing is read by prayer here. Serves as a mosque for the performance of prayers by Muslims, teaching the basics of Islam, and also for the assembly of the people.

Rules for visiting the mosque

The Shamil Mosque must be visited in clothing,which corresponds to the requirements of Islam. If a person does not have such an apparel, he is offered a robe at the entrance. Before entering, you need to take off your shoes, and before bathing they make a bath. Before they sit down, Muslims make a salutatory prayer.

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For tourists and travelers

The Shamil Mosque (Kazan)) is one of the cultural sites,where many events are organized, which serve for an interesting holiday in Kazan. For tourists and travelers, the mosque is a national cultural monument and must be included in the excursion program.

It is also the center of spiritual lifecitizens, a meeting point for Muslims and prayers. There is a building in Privolzhsky district along Borisovskaya Street. It works every day from nine in the morning to six in the evening. To visit the Healing by prayer, which takes place on Wednesdays, it is necessary to bring with it spring water and salt, as well as washed dried fruit. Why this is necessary and how to use them will be told at the entrance to the Shamil mosque.

Shamil mosque on Boriskovo

Imam of the mosque

The Shamil Mosque has its imam-hatyba -Sharafutdinov Mahmud Abdulsalikhovich. He works here since 2004. Its main motto is the expression: "First you need to work on yourself, and then ask from others." This he teaches Muslims that first you need to understand yourself, to be worthy of worshiping Allah. Mahmud spent one year in Turkey, during which time he became a hafiz, that is, an expert on the Koran. Five years he taught at the Russian Islamic University Arabic language, Sharia, the basics of morality, as well as the Koran and the rules of his reading. During this time, he published a book in two parts entitled "Ready Wagaz", as well as audiocassettes with interpretations of the Koran, studying its basics and so on.

Thus, the mosque is the house of Allah for Muslim believers, they come there to visit him to perform prayers and worship services.

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