Compatibility of the virgin and Aquarius, as well as other signs of the zodiac.

Compatibility of signs of the zodiac - one of the mostin demand horoscopes. It is so interesting to compare real relationships with those conclusions that astrologers present to us. There are relationships that predict a great family future in advance, such as the compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius. And sometimes, on the contrary, it is better to look at the horoscope and think in advance whether expectations and expectations will be justified. In this article, consider the relationship of the Virgo sign with the rest of the zodiac.

Mutual relations of Virgo and Aries, most likely, will benot very long. Aries is too fickle and arrogant, and Virgo is too straightforward for him. He deciphers many words of the Virgin as a mockery of himself. Although often Virgo really tries to make fun of Aries, but only for good motives. He sees in this the ill will on her part. This union will not bring happiness.

Compatibility of a gentle Virgin and attentive Taurusmakes you rejoice for this union. They are very similar in character, understand each other and literally move in one direction. Virgo and Taurus can live together for a long time and their relationships will be delicious. This is a more peaceful marriage than the one we have when we consider the compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius, but Virgo and Taurus do not particularly need emotional relations.

Virgo and Gemini are signs whose marriage is not real enough. Gemini - changeable, careless and even dangerous for the Virgin. Their relationship is built on the dominance of Gemini over the Virgin, they are trying to show all their authority and influence.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac Virgo and Cancer. A marriage that has a great future. Yes, there will not be crazy acts, passionate passion and unimaginable manifestations of love. They are both too calm in character, and, in addition, appreciate the calmness and reliability of the partner. Virgo and Cancer like the feeling of protection of their marriage.

So, we have reached the relationship of the Virgin and the Lion. Very interesting union, but with a well-known outcome. Leo necessarily takes as a result the leading position in marriage, and the Virgin will help the partner in everything. She will not be bothered by this, the Virgin will be faithful and attentive to Leo.

Two Virgo will live very measured together. All life will pass according to the planned plan. For someone it will be boring, but not for Dev. They have everything under control: the family is protected, intimate life is on top and pleasant conversations when they are together.

Virgo and Libra - a union of passionate and unusual. Scales - an air sign, changeable and creative. This is a little disturbing to Virgo, who loves stability in everything. But, despite this, their relationship is interesting and exciting, as well as the compatibility of the Virgin and Aquarius.

The Union of the Virgin and Scorpio is rather harmonious. They have extraordinary relations, many interesting situations arise. Each of the signs will find in this marriage what is needed for him.

The relationship between Virgo and Sagittarius is tense. Sagittarius is a mobile sign, craving for passion, change and non-ordinary relations. Virgo will always find fault with the manner of Sagittarius's behavior, since he does not tolerate his emotionality and irresponsibility. Here, each of the partners will live their own lives, and solve only their own difficulties.

Compatibility of the Virgin woman and the Capricorn man. This is a very good pair, whose relations are supported by efficiency and accuracy. There is a single point that strains the practical Virgo - the possibility of significant monetary losses. This option, if it grows into an obsessive thought of the Virgin, is able to break the alliance of partners.

The compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius is no longeron physical attraction, but on a spiritual level. These are two intellectuals who can talk for hours on various topics. They are well together and that's it. Perhaps, there will not be much material wealth here, but they will succeed in quenching their thirst for soul with a vengeance. In addition, the periodic activity of Aquarius will not give Deva boredom.

Virgo and Pisces are one of the best conjunctions of the zodiac. There is everything here: romance, attentiveness, responsiveness, passion. Both partners complement each other and they are just fine together.

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