Quartz: properties of stone and healing effect

All minerals have a special energy, whichaffects a person. Long ago people noticed that stones have healing and magical properties. The strongest of them were valued and used by sorcerers and healers. One of the minerals known to man since ancient times is quartz. Stone properties were used by all peoples for magical and ritual purposes.

quartz stone properties

Experts believe that minerals for millions of yearsof its existence have accumulated a lot of energy, which is now generously shared with people. The vibrations emitted by crystals are very similar to the vibrations of the human body. Therefore, stones are successfully used for therapeutic and magical purposes. They protect the person from negative external influences, soothe and treat many diseases.

One of the most powerful minerals -that quartz. The properties of the stone are now widely used not only by psychics. It is resistant to many factors, alkali and acids do not act on it, so it is used in many industries. Now they even learned how to make artificial quartz. It almost does not differ from the natural, but does not have a magical effect.

The oldest and most common mineral -that quartz. The properties of a stone depend on its variety. There are many kinds of quartz. The most famous is the transparent, which is called rock crystal. Other species are often confused with other precious stones, for example, yellow quartz - citrine - very similar to topaz. There are also pink, green, smoky and even rainbow minerals.

quartz stone magic properties

For magical rituals, all kinds ofquartz. Long ago, crystals were considered to be an intermediary between the earth and the cosmos. Rock crystal was used for meditations and rituals of anticipating the future. It was believed that it conducts energy well, so it can be programmed for any purpose.

An interesting action has a pink quartz -Stone, the magical properties of which are soft and most connected with the world of feelings. It helps to attract love and make new friends, soothes and charges with optimism, and also strengthens family ties and gives longevity.

Since ancient times, for magical purposes,quartz - a stone whose properties consist in the fact that it soothes and eliminates fear. In many regions it was called a stone of joy, because it is capable of cheering up. Blue quartz, or chalcedony, can get rid of outbursts of anger and melancholy, and also gives faith in one's own strength.

blue quartz stone properties

Many healers for the treatment of diseases, tooquartz was used. The properties of the stone are based on its antiseptic actions. Water, infused on it, is able to treat diseases of the respiratory system and inflammation. All types of quartz regulate the activity of the cardiovascular system, help with pancreatic diseases and can even treat diabetes.

But the main medicinal properties of quartz - in hispsychic influence. It calms, relieves stress and increases self-confidence. It is believed that quartz supports the creative principle and gives inspiration.

It is not recommended to wear quartz for a long time. This is a stone of illusion. It is believed that he can lead a person away from reality. Only powerful sorcerers and magicians can use this mineral without consequences for mystical purposes.

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