Svetlana Proskuryakova. Scientific knowledge on guard of clairvoyance

Svetlana Proskuryakova is one of thepioneers of the well-known project "Battle of Psychics". The fragile blonde took part in the first season of "Battle", but was forced to leave the show at the very beginning for personal reasons, and not reaching the final.

Already at the age of seven, Svetlana foundsupernatural abilities, she very accurately predicted the events of the future. In addition to extrasensory abilities, Svetlana Proskuryakova has knowledge in astrology, which allows to achieve excellent results when working with people.

Svetlana Proskuryakova psychic

short biography

Since childhood, Svetlana Proskuryakova has been passionate aboutforensic medicine, in connection with which in the eighth grade she became a participant of the school medical circle. In the classroom attended the morgue, later learned the specialty of a doctor-pathologist. As a forensic expert, she worked for more than 12 years. At the moment Svetlana Proskuryakova is a psychic with experience. Before participating in the "Battle of Psychics" program, Svetlana actively used her gift along with scientific medical knowledge to help people who had fallen into a difficult life situation.

Direction of work

Thanks to medical education, knowledge inastrology and developed sixth sense Svetlana Proskuryakova is able to help people in different life situations. For example, Sveta manages to diagnose diseases, determine possible predispositions to various ailments, make astrological forecasts, which allow determining the most favorable days for certain important events in fate, for example, the time of conception, the day of marriage, etc.

However, the greatest success is Svetlana Proskuryakovaachieved by searching for missing people. Even as a pathologist, she had to cooperate actively with the investigative authorities, to provide assistance as a forensic expert. Later Sveta began to actively use her paranormal abilities, thereby increasing the search efficiency.

Svetlana proskuryakova psychic reviews


Leaving one of the first project "Battlepsychics "because of high employment in the main job, Svetlana Proskuryakova was deprived of the opportunity to compete for a place in the finals, but the talented girl liked the program's expert Mikhail Vinogradov, who invited her to participate in the program" Psychics are investigating. The Battle of the Strongest. " In the project, Sveta manages to demonstrate excellent results, thereby providing a significant assistance to the investigative authorities in the detection of crimes.

Results of work

Svetlana Proskuryakova

The disclosure indicators give the full rightto assert that Svetlana Proskuryakova is a psychic. Reviews of her work, which are posted in large numbers on the Web, prove that Sveta really has something to be proud of. For example, in an interview the clairvoyant told about an elderly German who turned to her in search of his father, who had disappeared during the Second World War. There was no data other than the photograph and the name of the missing person. The astrologer determined that the missing father died around the 80's, named the burial place in the vicinity of the German city. Such a picture the girl saw in a dream. Subsequently, the information was fully confirmed. Possessing more detailed data, for example, the place and time of birth, Svetlana Proskuryakova, combining astrology with extrasensory, is able to give extremely accurate predictions related to the fate of a particular person. All this makes it very popular, and services are in demand.

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