Operating monasteries of St. Petersburg: description, photo

The northern capital is different historicalvalue, sdes lived great monarchs from Peter 1, the founder of the city. The Orthodox Church played a big role in the formation of the city and the life of the whole Russian Empire. For a long time the first cathedrals and monasteries of Sanki-Petersburg, which have been in operation to this day, were founded.

Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Many operating monasteries of St. Petersburgwere still open under Peter the Great. These include the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Already in 1710 the emperor chose a place for the construction of the first monastery in St. Petersburg. Then in Vyborg it was decided to begin the construction of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. On March 25, 1715 the monastery was opened and the first Holy Liturgy was held there.

The existing monasteries of St. Petersburg

This monastery is located at: Embankment Monastyrki River, house 1. All questions of interest you can find on its official website, where you can find e-mail and a telephone for communication. You can visit this church complex of the Holy Trinity Lavra not only as a believing person, but also to admire the architectural ensemble, to learn the historical value of this place. You can get here from the metro station "Alexander Nevsky Square". Nearby is the hotel "Moscow", which is especially convenient for the guests of St. Petersburg.

Trinity-Sergius Hermitage

It was founded in 1734 by order of the EmpressAnna Ioanovna. The first spiritual mentor was Archimandrite Varlaam. He ordered the famous architect Trezzini to build a magnificent building. Added towers and brick cells instead of wooden ones. The architecture of the monastery is a typical Baroque monument. After the revolution, almost all the functioning monasteries of St. Petersburg were closed, including the Trinity-Sergius Hermitage. It was restored and opened only in 1993. The monastery is located on the St. Petersburg Highway, in the house 15. It occupies a large enough territory, has three limits, four churches and a chapel.

monasteries of St. Petersburg

You can find out not only all the necessaryinformation about contacts on the official website, but also see the photo gallery, appeal to the reader of the patriarchs of the Russian Church. There are recorded audio and video sermons, a detailed history of this great monastery.

Resurrection Novodevichy Convent

The existing monasteries of St. Petersburg are differentrich in external decoration. The Resurrection Cathedral in Byzantine style became one of the main sights of St. Petersburg. Among them, the Resurrection Novodevichy Cathedral stands out. It was founded in 1746 by the order of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, originally had the name of Smolny. But under Nicholas I in 1849 was renamed Voskresensky in connection with the construction of a new cathedral. Was based on Vasilievsky Island, but later it was decided to move it. Now he is on Moscow Avenue, in the house 100.

monasteries of St.Petersburg active photos

To date, many monasteriesSt. Petersburg operating. Photos of their architectural ensembles you can see in galleries, on official sites, albums of the St. Petersburg diocese. Some are presented in our article. You can also visit other functioning monasteries of St. Petersburg. For example: Tikhvin female, Vokhonovsky Mariinsky, John the Theologian, Pokrovsky and others.

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