Dream Interpretation: if the dream of a mouse

Such rodents as mice, from time immemorial livenext to the person. In most cases, they are regarded as pests that damage the economy. However, some animal lovers start mice as pets. And there is no need to talk about the benefits of these rodents for the development of science. But what if you dream about a mouse? What can you expect from such a vision? We suggest looking for answers to these questions in the most accurate and complete dream books.

dreamed of a mouse

If you dreamed of a mouse: the dream book of Gustav Miller

This source claims that these smallrodents in their dreams foreshadow a series of domestic troubles, as well as insincerity on the part of seemingly loyal friends. Murder of the mouse - to victory over enemies and ill-wishers. If you almost overtook the rodent, but allowed him to escape, then you will have a long struggle with a very dubious result. For the fairer sex to see the mouse on their clothes - to risk being in the center of a loud scandal.

Dream dreamed of a mouse

What did the mouse dream about: Miss Hasse's dream book

If you catch mice, then your plans will succeedsuccessfully incarnate in life. And if these mice are white, then your marriage will be strong and happy. Mouse squeak in a dream - to the probability of becoming a victim of thieves. A lot of these rodents are a prelude to the onset of hard times.

An ancient English dream book: dreamed of a mouse - to what?

In the opinion of the compilers of this collection, theserodents predict that enemies, slanderers and intriguers will constantly interfere in your affairs. In addition, such a dream can act as a forerunner of unsuccessful entrepreneurship and financial difficulties. Another interpretation of the dreamed mice is an unsuccessful marriage and problems with children.

dreams dreamed of mice

Gypsy dream book: what did the mouse dream about

This source considers dreams in whichthe mice appear as a precursor of some minor troubles. So, if this rodent has greatly frightened you, then you will feel a sense of confusion because of some incident. The mouse caught by you symbolizes your inability to stand up for yourself in real life. If you see a rodent trapped, then in real life you will have to deal with some very unpleasant things for you.

If the dream of a mouse: Dream from A to Z

Running on the floor of your house mouses promise youa speedy invitation to a cheerful wedding. The murder of this rodent heralds a very sad event in the family. If the mouse climbed on the dining table and eat everything that is on it, then you will find wellbeing and financial stability. White mouse in a dream symbolizes the strength of family ties. If you saw this rodent standing on its hind legs, then you will be able to realize all that was planned. A mouse bite warns of the likelihood of love fraud and related retaliation. Put the mousetrap in a dream - to expose all the plans of your enemies. If you dream that a cat keeps a caught mouse in its mouth, then you can safely rely on the support of your friends even in the most critical situations.

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