Why big paper money is dreamed: interpretations for different dream books

what does big paper money look like?

If you analyze all the famous dream books onthe question of why big paper money is being dreamed, it turns out that such a dream basically portends material prosperity, good prosperity and a lack of need for money in real life. Worse, if money is made in the form of small silver or copper coins - this, on the contrary, symbolizes poverty, deprivation and loss. But since our theme - why big paper money is being shot, then let's find out what the interpretations of this night vision are. For this, let us turn to the most common collections of dreams.

Why do I have a lot of money. Overall value

what is the big money dreaming about
I would like to note immediately that the value of sleep forThe real life will depend heavily on how the banknotes were dreamed. If they were clean, new, smooth - then this is really a good omen, and material profit is just around the corner. Crumpled, dirty, tattered denominations are unambiguous - to the troubles in everyday life. A lot more depends on what happened in a dream with money. If you lose them, you can not find them, you have been stolen, taken away, burned - it means that in reality it is worth waiting for some minor troubles in the service, in business, in projects, in business. We can say that such a dream - without a double bottom and promises something that is understandable.

Receiving as a gift or finding largemoney can only portend some unexpected profits in real life, good news, changes or prospects, somehow related to material goods. To consider large bills - also to very good real changes. So, the answer to the question of what big paper money looks like depends on how they dreamed. However, dreams related to money - one of the few, which can be treated almost uniquely. Often they dream to us because during the day we many times thought about them, dreamed, experienced about their shortage. It can also be a manifestation of subconscious fears associated with loss of money, poverty and hard, unpromising work.

what does the money of a note look like?
What is the big paper money?

Let's look at the interpretation of the dream book. Here is a selection of the most interesting interpretations, to which the money is dreamed. Denominations in the English dream book mean a good outcome of litigation, addition to the family or a wedding. So, the money received in a dream can foreshadow the birth of a baby or gain in court. The found bills - to a quick marriage or successful results in a career. In general, this is a positive dream, predicting well-being. But the dream book of Tsvetkov denotes paper bills as a symbol of news and deception. The same is said in the Old Russian dream book. According to the Ukrainian source, banknotes mean good, joyful and pleasant news. The famous dream book of Miller so deciphers dreams with the participation of money. The found bills - to a favorable outcome of business, enticing prospects and future material well-being. Detect the shortage of money in the account - to the troubles and conflicts associated with money transactions in reality. Recalculate bills in a dream is a sign that the level of your material prosperity and the desired success are entirely up to you.

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