Dream Interpretation, the dream of flying on an airplane

To find out what sleep means, the dream book will help.The airplane that you dreamed about can be a normal or revealing phenomenon, because people are different. Someone quietly carries a flight on an airplane, and someone has a panic fear of this test. For example, the famous American commentator John Madden never flies on an airplane, when he needs to cross the border, he does it with a car or other land transport. Most of his devotees share this fear with him and often use a dream book. The plane can still dream any person, regardless of whether he uses this type of transport or not.

There are different theories about why he dreamsaircraft. Everything depends on the person, on his way of life, active or passive, on the essence of man, on his character and the circle of communication. For example, if you are dreaming about an airplane that crashes, burns and crashes, it could mean that in life you are a self-confident person, afraid not to cope with the task. Well, in case you are a self-assured pilot who is not afraid to operate this large transport, then in reality you will always own the situation and keep everything under control.

If your relatives are on board the plane, thenin real life you are responsible for them, and the management of the aircraft will talk about how well you are coping with the task, namely: do you show due care and attention to your relatives.

If you are proud during the flight,increased responsibility for people who are close to you and these feelings are predominant, then in life you are a determined and cheerful person, so says the dream book. The aircraft is proof of this.

In case you have feelings in a dreamneglect, fear, sadness, and the surrounding people ignore you, despise, turn their backs, then in life you have not everything is so smooth. This is because you do not understand the world around you, but the world does not understand you, but there is a way out: you need to change your worldview and way of life. First of all, the glassit dream book, the plane is a symbol of travel, perhaps it is necessary to pause in everyday business and just relax, go on vacation, and then it will be easier to live.

What does the airplane dream about?

In the Russian Dream Book the aircraft is a symboltravels. It will be very difficult to avoid danger if a plane flying over you or your house dreams. And, most likely, the wedding, which is scheduled for a certain date will not take place, if such a dream had a dream for the bride. Well, if you fly in an airplane, your business is waiting for success and prosperity. A long flight in a dream says that you will have to make serious efforts in some business, and the result will not bring you satisfaction. A terrible dream, that you are in a plane crash, portends serious trouble. A stunning success for the opposite sex is predicted by a dream in which you control an airplane. If you do not pay due attention to the problems of others, then in the near future you may have a dream about how you view the landscape in the porthole - it can mean what others pay you in the same coin. Major financial problems that are associated with not very good investments are waiting for you if you had a dream in which you purchased or own the aircraft.

Sonnik Miller

Almost every dream can help explaindream book. Fly on a plane gives you a sign that symbolizes "stagnation" in business. Most likely, you have long "traced" in one place and for further advancement you need a creative approach to problems. A bold decision will help your cause if you dreamed of a plane crash in which you are not a member. Well, if you dreamed of flying in the sky plane, then you are waiting for some fateful, decisive events.

Since the aircraft is a symbol of high idealsand inclination to higher spiritual goals, then any dream book to fly on an airplane will explain: do not rush things and reconsider your views on many things. If the same dream is repeated from night to night, then it's worth changing something in your life.

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