Dream Interpretation: why dream about shit

So, why dream of shit? To the good, to the surprise. Such dreams promise only an improvement in financial condition and unexpected profit.

Why is dreaming shit
Why dream of shit in large quantities? To the fact that the person to whom this dreamed will soon become the owner of a large sum of money, or rather, income. They will come from a place that a person would never have thought of.

Also if you dream of shit and the person in itcomes and smears, then soon he will have easy money. Probably even that he will become the owner of a solid inheritance. If he just stepped foot into the bowel movement, which is located in a closed ring, then the dream can be considered a great omen. Even a prophetic dream. In this interpretation, feces are reported that a person will soon receive a permanent profit, simply bathe in abundance. The main thing is not to miss your chance.

Dreaming shit

What does the shit look like? To pleasant surprises! Especially for farmers - this means that this year will be fruitful.

However, not always a similar dream is pleasantomen. There are some dreams in which feces take part, however they can bring distressing news and tell about the coming negative event. Sometimes, I dream that I put it in my pants. This is a terrible dream, and not only from an aesthetic point of view. This portends that a person will lose a huge amount of money. The bottom line is this: the more a person puts on his pants, the more money he will lose in life.

Diarrhea? Probably soon in life will have to pay a bribe. Still it is worth noting that this dream is a harbinger of a bad state and a depressed mood.

But there are also good interpretations. Everyone knows the sign "stepped into the excrement - you will be rich" and acts in a dream! Dreamed that he joined the dog feces - perhaps you will find some amount of money on the road.

"Why dream of shit?"Many people ask this question: this vision can also be a harbinger of the fact that a person will soon change his place of residence because of personal problems." If he has emptied himself in a public place in a dream, it can be regarded as a sign of loss and bad luck. The reason for this may be that some secrets will be revealed.

What does the shit

If a person does not have any problems with the family and there is no idea in the plans for moving, then we should expect money in the near future.

Different dream books give different meanings to thissleep. Why dream of shit? To the fact that a person is disgraced enough that he will never be washed. Such information contains a summer dream book. Dreams shit in autumn? Hence, a successful investment is coming. In the spring I saw such a dream - to money.

If in a dream in which shit is involved, itshad to shovel in the company with someone, then some time will have to spend together with the bad people. And it will be extremely difficult for them to get rid of them. If the fall dreamed of the process of removing feces from the toilet with their own hands - this means that this person is robbed. If a dream in which a person saw how he got dirty in shit appeared in the summer, then we should expect him to be humiliated.

We wish you only beautiful dreams.

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