Christian holidays differ from year to year

The church calendar consists of passing andnon-transitional holidays. The main holidays in Orthodoxy are twelve. They are called: twelve holidays. Most of them are related to evangelical events, but there are those that are based on important events described in the tradition.

Christian holidays

The year begins with the Nativity of Christ. Everyone knows that it is January 7, but since the Orthodox Church uses the old style, for it it is not at the beginning, but at the end of the year: December 25, according to the Julian calendar.

The second holiday of the year is BaptismLord or Epiphany. The holiday is called so because here for the first time the whole Trinity appeared: Son (baptized), Holy Spirit (dove) and Father (voice). This is the 19th of January. Christian holidays of Christmas and Epiphany in the calendar are close to each other and the days between them are called saints. This is a festive time, when the usual fast is canceled on Friday and Wednesday, and in the temples there are joyful chants. But according to the evangelical history, these two events are separated from each other for thirty years, and logically after Christmas follows the Presentation of the Lord, when the Mother of God brought her Son to the Temple. The celebration is celebrated on February 15. All these are Christian holidays, which are celebrated annually in the same numbers.

Christian holidays in 2013

But the main Christian holiday is,of course, Easter. Her date depends on the moon, the Jewish Passover and some other factors. Christian holidays associated with Easter - the entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem, as well as the Ascension and the Trinity. To specify their exact number is impossible, each time it is necessary to count off from Easter certain number of days. The entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem, for example, a week before Easter, the Ascension Day - in forty days, and the Trinity - in fifty. Christian holidays in 2013 or in the coming of 2014 better look at Paschalia. This is the name of a special calendar of holidays and other church events related to Easter.

April 7, exactly 9 months before Christmas, the Annunciation is celebrated, when the Angel appeared to the Mother of God and announced the glad tidings to her. This is the day of the conception of the infant Jesus.

All other Christian holidays in April-Maypassing, so the following can be noted the day of Peter and Paul, the Holy Apostles. This is the end of Petrov's fasting. The time from the beginning of the Great post (usually the end of February to the beginning of March) until the beginning of the Petrov fast (late May - June) is regulated by Easter, and after the feast of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, everything again goes the same every year.

what a Christian holiday today is

August, 28 The Dormition of the Mother of God is celebrated, 21September - Christmas of the Mother of God, September 27 - Cross Exaltation. The Holy Cross and the Pokrov (October 14) seem to have no evangelical basis, these are events that occurred much later. But they are important for every Christian, so these holidays are twelve.

The last festival of the year is the Introduction to the Temple of Our Lady. Historically, this event occurred before all other Christian holidays, even in the days of the childhood of the Mother of God.

In order to find out what a Christian holiday is today, it is enough to look into the Orthodox calendar. There, apart from large commemorative dates, the days of the memory of the saints are marked, which are celebrated every day.

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