Let's look into the dream book. Are the teeth falling asleep? This is not always unfortunately.

Let's look into the dream book. Are the teeth falling asleep? This is not always unfortunately. Destructive practices have existed since time immemorial. There is nothing surprising in this, after all, not only well-being, but also human life depended on the mighty and poorly controlled forces of nature. Predicting snap, drought, rain, or cure the sick could shamans tribe. The power of these people knew no bounds. According to beliefs, shamans were endowed with the ability to communicate with spirits, entering a special state of ecstasy or trance. Until today, in remote corners of the Earth, rituals take place in which the shaman receive the necessary information from the higher powers during a short sleep in which he sinks at will. According to scientists, such practices have existed for more than twenty thousand years. If shamans receive information in their dreams, perhaps the same thing can be done by an ordinary person?

Any of you have heard from friends orfamiliar stories about prophetic dreams that they have come true. Yes, and many dream books, too, not in an empty place were formed. True, the predictions in them vary dramatically. You open the dream book: "Teeth fall out in a dream," you want to know what it's for. And you see the interpretations of one another more beautiful. Just the hair stands on end when reading a dream book. Teeth crumble - to loss of health, drop out - to the death of a loved one, they swing - wait for misfortunes. These are interpretations borrowed from Mr. Miller's book. Other sources showed no less interesting information.

As told us another dream book, teeth fall out in a dream - to betrayal of relatives or friends.
We open "The combined dream book" - the interpretation of dreams: "teeth to lose - to humiliation and failure in business."
The same "Combined dream book": teeth fall completely - to starvation. (However, for the modern man this forecast is hardly relevant).
So why are the interpretations so different thatsometimes difficult to get to the truth? There are many explanations for this. To begin with, most of the dream books were made either from personal experience, or guided by the theory of psychoanalysis. But each of us has our own images and associations and it is impossible to draw a common base for them.

Undoubtedly, toothache, loss of teeth orvisiting a dentist does not mean anything pleasant. Therefore, the interpretations in the dream books are all gloomy, and the aftertaste upon awakening leaves such a dream painful. After all, few of us have problems with teeth. Perhaps someone will decide to visit a doctor to put a seal. That there be no previous dream prophetic. Also it will be absolutely right, as the dream book does not prompt: a teeth drop out - urgently to the stomatologist run. But the human body is quite capable of reminding about health problems in this way.

If you really think about the fact that night vision is able to tell about the future, it is not superfluous to learn some features of dreams that are subject to interpretation.

First of all, the dream should touch you directly. If a curious act is simply scrolling through your dream, but without your participation, all this has nothing to do with you.

The second difference between sleep-tips is the presence of bright details in it. What happens with you in a dream should be caught, well remembered.

And now the last tip. Interpretation of sleep must be carried out, so to speak, on the totality of the symbols present in it. For example, we open a dream book: "teeth fall out," we look at the meaning of this image. But in addition to dropping teeth, there must have been something else in the dream. Perhaps you looked at yourself in the mirror, or trembled with fear in the dentist's chair? Or maybe you were caught scurvy in a distant sea voyage? Try to build your own associative series, choosing those interpretations that are right for your situation.

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