The Taurus Stone is a mystery covered in darkness ...

Taurus is an earthly sign, the representatives of this sign are distinguished by their solid character and high working capacity. The Taurus stone - turquoise or sapphire, trimmed in silver can help to succeed.

Every sign of the horoscope has its owntalismans among stones and metal. Some of them bring good luck and well-being, and some on the contrary contribute to discord in the family and health problems. To any talisman should be taken seriously and selected exactly for themselves. The history of the stones is different, and the beliefs associated with them are not always just legends. Many of the stones were known in ancient times. With their help they treated, attracted love and good luck. And sometimes the stones were implicated in crimes and palace intrigues. Let's recall at least a famous story with pendants in the film adaptation of The Three Musketeers.

Which stone suits Taurus is known to all.It is believed that the happiness of people born under this constellation is associated with turquoise or sapphire stones. And the stone of Taurus, trimmed in silver, has the greatest power.

Attitude to sapphire, a beautiful blue stonecolors, and two. Someone thinks that this stone of Taurus brings good luck in love. And if a person is in love without reciprocity, then it is enough to give his elect a ring with a sapphire, and he flares you with reciprocal feelings. But many believe that sapphire is a dangerous stone of Taurus, which on the contrary brings ruin, failure and misfortune. However, this negative is so negative when a person incorrectly chooses a talisman. In addition, sapphires are so beautiful, especially the most famous, that in the hearts of people greed often arose, which led to unhappiness. The bloody trail of crimes stretched behind every stone.

His owner can make sapphire great.But to do this, wear a stone better as a pendant, necklace or pendant. Perfectly blends a blue or white sapphire with mother of pearl and diamond. Such a combination protects the owner of the stone from anger and envy, and also gives power over others, so sapphire is useful for managers and directors.

Sapphire has a medical value.To wear it is useful for people suffering from hypertension and phlegmatic, since this stone can strengthen emotions, improve mood and improve blood circulation. It is believed that he keeps from misfortunes, poisonings and floods and is able to stop bleeding, remove germs from the air and save from epilepsy.

This stone has an unusual property.He is able to "feel" the danger and warn about it. If the owner of the stone is threatened something, it becomes dark. But we must remember that sapphire makes a good person - sympathetic, very wise and astute.

Semi-precious stone Taurus - turquoise isblue or blue. This mineral gave a huge power over people, so long it is called the talisman of the leaders. This stone is good for leaders, because it helps to make decisions in difficult situations, to manage and understand the psychology of another person. But you need to wear it all the time.

True, in family life with him you need to be careful. Male Taurus, a stone talisman should not give to his wife, because you can become henpecked, and everyone in the house will be led by a spouse.

At the same time, Taurus turquoise guarantees a long and happy life and is for them also a defender from a sudden violent death.

For health, this stone will be useful if it is sent to silver. He helps his owner to get rid of nervousness, tension and insomnia. Will help in the treatment of heart diseases.

Turquoise has a beneficial effect on the Taurus, born in such numbers of the month as 8, 17 and 26. It also brings more luck to those born on Saturday.

But to watch out for the Taurus needs lazurite, which does not bring them happiness and destroys plans.

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