Alexandrite, pomegranate, topaz and hematite are amazing stones for Scorpion women!

Women, born under the constellation of Scorpio,are industrious people. These are creative natures who do not tolerate any restrictions. These women are very proud, they can try to restrain passions with the reins of reason. Because of this, from time to time they give the impression of rather reserved people. Stones for Scorpion women have a special significance in their life. What kind? Let's find out from our article!

We all know that the attribution to one or the otherThe natural stone of magical properties began from time immemorial. So today it is believed that each stone has its own magic power, has its own character, which is revealed in different ways, depending on the person who possesses this talisman. For each sign of the Zodiac there is its own (sometimes - several) stone. In this article we are interested in stones for Scorpion women.

Stones for women born under the constellation Scorpio


To begin with, it should be noted thatthe planet-patron of the Scorpion women is Mars, so they are perfectly suited for dark red crystals of stone called garnet. He is able to bring happiness to Scorpio. His intense scarlet shade strengthens the passion of the nature of these women.

stones for women scorpions

Another stone-talisman for the Scorpion-woman -this is topaz. It is believed that he is able to change his color if there is any poison in the wine! That's why he saved entire dynasties in the era of kings! Modern women topaz will present beauty and charm! For ladies obsessed with cold revenge, topaz will be an excellent sedative. In addition, this stone is able to protect the Scorpion woman from evil spells and witchcraft, as well as from the evil eye. Topaz helps to cope with the long depression, overcome the fears that bind Scorpio's soul.

stone mascot for a woman scorpion

The Alexandrites are the first named stones forScorpion women. They calm the raging soul, balance the state of mind. This is a great help in force majeure situations, because it helps to keep the mind cool and calm. Alexandrite knows how to acquire a yellow tint, if its owner is in danger. That is why decoration with alexandrite will help any Scorpio woman to be on the alert!

precious stones for scorpion women

There are truly magical stones forScorpion-women! In particular, hematites. Even warlocks draw with this stone some symbols and signs in the process of performing certain ceremonies. In Israel, it is generally believed that hematite is a symbol of secret knowledge and wisdom. Hematite bewitches Scorpio with its magical history, helping him in difficult situations. For example, it can stop blood or heal the wound more quickly.

Precious stones for Scorpio-women

Experts advise Scorpios to acquirejewelry with stones of light colors: pink, yellowish, blue or white stones, executed in the form of brooches or beads on the chest. The fact that Scorpio women need to emphasize their inner essence - responsiveness, justice, flair and tender feelings ...

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