Sunnis and Shiites - difference in views

Often we have to hear about the Sunnis, Shiites and other branches of the Islamic religion.

Sunnis and Shiites, the difference of concepts

On the question of who such Sunnis are, the answerunambiguous are direct followers of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who keep and protect all texts of messages of the messenger, honor them and follow them. These are people who live according to the covenants of the holy book of Muslims - the Koran - and the legends of the chief messenger and interpreter of the Koran, the Prophet Muhammad. Sunni Muslims profess an undistorted Islam, which bears in itself peace and universal recognition of God's mercy, obedience to Allah and dedication of all his life to his Creator.

Sunnis and Shiites - the difference in following the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

Shiites are a branch in Islam, recognized by leading Islamic scholars as stray, which partially distorted the words of the envoy and professes Islam in his own way.

Shiites and Sunnis, the difference between which is obvious,beginning with the belief in the prophets (one of the pillars of the Muslim faith), are not friendly currents, since the formation of the Shiite branch has caused a colossal confusion in the world of Muslims and in the perception of Islam in general.

Sunnis and Shiites difference

The difference between Shiites and Sunnis is obvious. The Shiites contributed a lot of unreliable and unconfirmed rituals to worship, and the volumes of theological books were devoted to how they distorted the covenants of the Prophet Muhammad.

Sunnis sacredly revere the entire history of Islam, allCompanions and followers of the Prophet. They follow the hadeeth that those who scold the Companions are not of us. The Shiites, in turn, challenge the actions of some associates and express the age-old disagreement with the course of the history of the Islamic caliphate.

Sunnis and Shiites - the difference in worship

The prophet Muhammad said that the Jews divided into 71 streams, Christians - 72, and his followers divided into 73 currents due to distortions introduced into the scripture.

And only one of each concession will enter the paradise at once without calculation, that is, on the basis of correct conviction and exact observance of the obligatory acts of worship of God.

Shiites and Sunnis difference

Due to the widespread distortion of theologicalthe spread of unreliable information about Islam and the practice of centuries of national rituals, which suddenly acquired the title of religious, the entire population of the world mixed their notions of the present, truly pure Islam. And the Shiites took an active part in this chaos. They even distorted such unquestionable questions as the number of obligatory prayers a day, their ritual conditions, and much more. The Shiite hostility with the Sunnis and their disagreement with the course of political events in Islam began 14 centuries ago.

Sunnis and Shiites - the difference in behavior

The media is full of photosbloody people who smear their heads with the blood of sacrificial animals, torture themselves with chains and dance pagan dances. This is Shiites, a group that conducts rituals that have no basis in Islam.

difference between Shiites and Sunnis

The Sunnis conduct all their worship services on the basis of the verses of the Koran and the words of the Prophet Muhammad.

Some of the internal branches of Shiism by Muslim theologians are unequivocally considered even anti-Muslim and hostile.

Only because of the great development of the stray sects calling themselves Muslims, the whole world was seized by a turmoil and hostile attitude towards the Muslim world.

Political games warm up this enmity andare working diligently to continue the distortion of Islam, preventing people from simply sincerely believing and quietly worshiping their creator. Many people are afraid of Islam because of unreliable information from the media.

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