Seeing a rat in a dream is not so bad!

To dream of a rat, what would it be?The answer can not be unambiguous. First of all, in the minds of different people, this animal is perceived differently. For some, a rat is a despicable, ugly animal, capable of biting, infecting with an infectious disease, causing other harm.

to dream a rat
Most often people at the sight of rats experience a feelingdisgust. For such people to see a rat in a dream, it means to experience negative emotions. Loff in his dream interpretation claims that the vision of rats in a dream is caused by the fear of losing relatives, getting sick by getting infected from someone they know. Sometimes such visions are inspired by the fact that a dreamer feels threatened or unsure of the security of his environment. Loff insists that interpreting such dreams, you need to navigate
to see a rat in a dream
the feeling that was experienced in a dream.If this is disgust, fear or disgust, inevitable troubles await you. If in a night's dreams the rat saw it as a nice pet - for good. Jose and Tsvetkov in their dream books are more categorical. On the question of what to see a rat in a dream, they respond: to tears, resentment, great sorrow. This animal symbolizes evil enemies, from which it is very difficult to get rid of, or great losses. English and French dream books also believe that the dreamed rat is a sign of the activation of enemies, a symbol of loss and grief.

The rat is good

There are people who refuse in gray rodentssee the bad. They note the incredible viability of these animals, which easily tolerate high levels of radiation. They admire the minds of rats. It is better for such people to solve dreams with the help of Miller's dream books and the Modern Edition. They claim that rats can dream of clashing with enemies, but these enemies will necessarily yield to your militancy, head and mental superiority. If the rat dreams of running away - it's a sign that it's time to leave home, at least for a week. To dream of rats in autumn is a reminder that it is time to prepare for winter: to get warm clothing, to make canned food. "The Sabbath rat" foreshadows the consolidation of the financial situation. Even better, if you are bitten on the heel: the opportunities that will open before you, almost have no boundaries.

Physiologists about rats

to dream of rats
If we ask not the mystics, but the doctors-somnologists, toWhat to see in a dream rat, then they advise to listen to nightly sensations. And a bite on the heel, from their point of view, denotes not opportunities, but a beginning illness or a bruise. If the rat causes a feeling of fear, you can check the liver: it is this body that is the "stimulant" of fear. However, such a dream can simply be a reflection of the fear of the experience and worries already experienced.

Nostradamus on dreams and rats

The dream interpreter of Nostradamus gives the most detailed andthe most incomprehensible interpretation of the answer to the question of what it means to dream a rat. What does the rat dream about Nostradamus? If a couple of these animals walk along the street, then 2020 will be the year of animal protection. If the gray rodents are at the helm of the ship, then in 2066 there will be a flood and a general decline, but then the golden times will necessarily begin. People with rat tails will necessarily fall ill, and those who saw how rats are preparing to attack or fight will be subject to aggression from the UK. Funny, is not it?

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