What kind of Lion stones will decorate?

Lion Stones
Each sign of the Zodiac is suitable for different stones. Lions can decorate many of them, but which ones will have a beneficial effect on life? About this and talk.

An important role in the horoscope of the Lions is played by the Sun. Representatives of this sign are powerful, they aspire to always be in the center of attention, to be aware of important events. Lions have creative talent, have a powerful vitality and talent for leadership. However, often their self-confidence, beating over the edge, prevents them from fully demonstrating their dignity.

As you know, stones have a strong influence onof people. Some help to strengthen positive character traits and smooth out shortcomings, while others activate not the best motives. How to understand that before you are the stones of the Lion?

Sun minerals are often suitable for representativesthis sign of the Zodiac, but they are able to strengthen their negative features. In particular - to activate egoism, incontinence, unwillingness to listen to the opinion of other people. Therefore, amulets and talismans must be chosen carefully.

Leo: precious stones

zodiac lion stone
Diamond is an excellent mineral for representatives of thissign. He gives them courage, is a source of inexhaustible strength, promotes wealth and beauty. Treated stone, diamond, will help to cope with any difficulties, scare away enemies, will allow to never lose dignity and magnanimity. In order to make these Lion stones happier, it is important that he has them legally. Therefore, any offenses in this regard should be deleted.

And what else will the Zodiac tell us? A lion, a stone for which it is not so easy to pick up, can wear a grenade. It is better to get a bright red pyrope, which will certainly bring success even in the most risky events, or olive green-green color, which protects against enemies and evil demons. It is believed that the magical power of such stones can only be used by passionate, active, searching and expressive natures.

Also, the role of the amulet can be played by sardonyx. Stones of the Lion will be shielded from lies, betrayal and infidelity, but will be protected if evil or love spells have been imposed. Ancient healers believed that this mineral can accelerate the growth and splicing of bones, stop bleeding. Lions stone will provide a married life, filled with love, happiness, understanding and tenderness.

lion precious stones
Ruby also suits the representatives of this sign. It is believed that it contains the pure energy and power of the Sun. A stone can create in people a desire for the great. If a person has a talent for creativity, the ruby ​​will help him become famous. If the Lion has already reached a certain position, the stone will allow him to reach the very tops of power.

Lion is also suitable for amber. Such talisman will help in self-realization, embodiment in life of talents, will develop the best qualities, will clear on a mental level and will strengthen health.

But there are unfavorable Lion stones. Representatives of this sign should not wear pearls, obsidian and chrysoprase. But especially bad for Lvov affects the amethyst. It can even cause depression. Therefore, choose jewelry and talismans in accordance with the sign of the Zodiac.

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