Dream Interpretation: Why Dreams, What Married

Marriage is a very important event in lifeeach of the fair sex. Some girls already from the childhood begin to present themselves in the role of the bride, to plan the style of the wedding dress and to imagine her future husband. What if you dreamed that you were married? Is it worth expecting the same event in real life or is this dream different? We propose to ask for an answer to the question about what she dreams of, that she married, immediately to several popular and full collections of interpretations of dreams.

what's she dreaming about getting married

Miss Hasse's Dream Book: Marriage

According to the interpretation of this dream book, if youI dreamed that you are marrying someone, then success and success are waiting for you in all your current endeavors and deeds. If the proposal to get married is dreamed, then in the near future you will have a brilliant opportunity to improve your financial situation, which you should definitely take advantage of. The dream in which you yourself marry promises great family happiness.

Sonnik Tzvetkova: why dreams, that she got married

The author of this dream book considers a dream, inwhich a woman sees herself as getting married, as a warning that in the foreseeable future you risk falling into some embarrassing and desperate situation.

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A dream book from A to Z: why dreams, what did she get married

If the fairer sex dreams, thatshe is getting married, then in the near future she is waiting for a great love. Combine marriage with a widower - to the danger that threatens you from the men of your environment. The dream in which you have married a foreigner, promises some troubles and discord in the family. In general, the vision of marriage for a young girl is an omen of sadness and deceit, for a married woman - intrigues and gossip, for a widow - vain efforts and deceived hopes. If you dream that you are married, but plan to marry another man, then in reality such a dream can result in real adultery.

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Gypsy dream book: get married in a dream

If an unmarried girl dreams that in a dream sheAccepts an offer to marry a loved one, then in the wake of her wedding, some unforeseen circumstances may interfere. If a representative of the weaker sex sees that she hesitates with an answer to the offer of the hand and heart, then this is an indication that others consider her to be a frivolous, frivolous and irresponsible person.

A dream book for the whole family: what is it that dreams, what got married

This source claims that the dreammarriage promises girls and women fast changes in life for the better, as well as peace and stability. If, in a dream, your wedding is broken, then in real life you risk doing some rash acts that will lead to unpleasant consequences. Try on the white dress of the bride on the threshold of marriage - to possible health problems. If you dream of yourself as a young wife, but you do not have an engagement ring on your finger, then such a dream can promise in real life the betrayal of a husband or lover, as well as a serious quarrel with one of the relatives.

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