I know the dream: what does the toilet look like?

Once my favorite uncle Freud said: "The more strange it seems to us, the more it makes sense." You know, in part he's right! After all, each of us there are prophetic dreams that haunt us for a long time, but they do not reveal their meaning to us in any way!

what does the toilet dream about
And many of us do not calm down, untilget to the bottom of the truth. What I'm saying is this: many people often see the same repetitive dream: a toilet, a toilet bowl and everything that is connected with it in one way or another, but they can not understand what it is and why! It would be useful to understand what the toilet is about, what we are about to do with you.

Today it is not difficult to look atthis or that dream book and find out what and what dreams. In this article I tried to collect the most famous and interesting interpretations and systematize them, creating my own structured dream book. Let's see what I did.

My dream book: what's the dream restroom?

All just great!

In general, a dream toilet or toilet - this, withoutthere is no doubt a remarkable sign. Here you can draw some parallels: in real life to go for a small or big need in the toilet - it means to facilitate your body, to do it well and pleasantly. Here and in a dream as! This indicates that soon your life will become easier, there will be some positive changes.

what the public toilet dreams about
In addition, in real life, we, sorry for the details, wash the contents of our intestines and bladder in the toilet, that's what the toilet looks like - it's friendly advice to exclude from life everything that we have become no longer necessary:

  • get rid of unnecessary objects, still surrounding you;
  • drive away all the unnecessary memories that cause unnecessary fuss and lie some invisible ballast on your shoulders, making you constantly turn back;
  • release your past, think only of a grand future, because thoughts are material!

There are some problems...

As with any other prediction,what the toilet looks like, has not quite a good side. The fact is that such dreams can be heralds of problems with our health. And those can arise, if it is not elementary to take any preventive measures. For example, try to spend the next vacation in this or that sanatorium. At the same time you will correct your health, and collect positive emotions for a year ahead!

dream book
And now, let me briefly go over the other variations of this trivial dream.

A small blitz interpretation:

  1. What do you think, what does the toilet dream about?public or bio? Correctly! Such a dream indicates to you the need to get rid of unnecessary uncertainty and different experiences. You must go with a confident and firm gait to the goals set!
  2. If you are stuck in the bathroom for any reason, then you should know that next to you there is a bad person who is trying to slander your honest name with all his strength!
  3. You know what Sigmund Freud says aboutWhat do you dream about the toilet that you are cleaning? He argues that this is for money you received in a not entirely honest way: bribery, theft, deception ... In any case, think about it, because soon your deception will be revealed, says Freud.
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