What is the role of the calves? We'll find out!

Various predictors to the question of what the calves are dreaming about, respond in different ways. To whom to believe, and who does not, choose yourself. And we will give the main interpretations.

The Great Dream Book

The great dream-book predictor tells us thatcalves symbolize fertility, yield, welfare, endurance and patience. Did you see one of them in a dream? Soon something very good will happen to you, a good deed that someone will do to you.

what does the calf see?
Something bright will meet on your life's path.If you feed the calf in a dream, it means that you will receive a large winnings, an inheritance, a bonus at work or some other material reward. A good sign is also such a dream, when you saw him grazing on the lawn.

And what are the calves looking skinny, dying?This means loss and poverty. If a man saw a calf in a dream, then he will soon have an interesting acquaintance with a beautiful, intelligent and economic woman.

Gypsy Seraphim tells us that after seeingcalf, we need to look at ourselves, perhaps we have recently become somewhat lazy and have become too indulgent for each of their weaknesses, even if it is a trifle.

Modern dream book

The modern dream book says that the quietly worthwhileAn animal means that all your dreams, aspirations will soon be fulfilled. The little bull-boy jumps fun and sports on the lawn? You have to work hard for the execution of the desired.

But what does the calf see, according topsychological interpreter. Here it is said that such a vision is to a roar. You will cry bitterly, and nothing can prevent it. The white calf dreams of losing a loved one.

dream book for a dream calf
If you see how they butt, it foretellssevere but fleeting illness. The interpreter of the birthdays of autumn says that if you are injured by a bull-calf during sleep, it means that among your acquaintances there is someone who is building you intrigues and imperceptibly harming you.

What does the calf have for a woman?

Basically, such a vision presages a rival who can easily slander you. She has already developed a whole plan, how to annoy you.

If you dream of veal veal, you will soon be visiting guests, where the mistress cooks disgustingly, and you will have to eat simply out of politeness.

what does a little calf dream about
The interpreter of the spring birthday men tells us thatif you see how the baby sucks cow's milk, it's for the money. If you eat boiled meat, then soon lose an important person for you, who has been guarding you for many years. That's what this dream book promises us.

What is the dream of a calf if you saw it in the summer?For a rural dweller, this means a rich harvest, and if you do not know what a vegetable garden is, then for you such a vision promises an increase in well-being in general. If the calf is fat, then this is a good trade.

Seeing a cow that does not bring a calf in thisyear, expect significant damage in your subsidiary farm. Sometimes this may mean that you do not prepare enough hay for the winter. The young heifer foreshadows problems with his daughter.

Small calf

If we want to know what the little dream is aboutcalf, the interpreter of the housewife will tell us that he symbolizes the love of a young man, childish and naive, and in some cases even a certain sacrifice. If there are several of them, this indicates the overflow of feelings, caress and care of someone towards you. If the calf is rather well-fed, then someone is using you for their own purposes. If you see that your second half next to the toddler, soon be a wedding. If a calf is slaughtered on your eyes, there will be trouble. If you buy it, and it is quite alert and active, then you are somewhat unsure of yourself and your strengths. In something you need to be ponaporee.

Now you know what the calf is dreaming about!

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